Queen of England Set To Join Facebook

is set to get its share of Royalty with the Queen of England set to create here own Facebook fan page. Starting this Monday, fans of the Queen of England will be able to view royalty pictures, videos, news and speeches on Facebook.

Queen of England

Facebook though is not new to this kind of attention with US President Barack Obama already having his own fan page on the social networking site. With the Queen of England joining in, they definitely have a lot of royalty amongst them. Not to forget the huge brands and celebrities which have already been a part of Facebook for long.

According to the report from Sky News, the Queen already has her own Monarchy  account. However, the Facebook account has come almost a year after she opened her account. She also has a Royal account. Talk about social networking royalty.

One thought on “Queen of England Set To Join Facebook”

  1. I guess its a better idea for celebrities to join Twitter or better, start a blog. It all about expressing what they feel like.

    Facebook is a good medium to go viral, but, sharing your thoughts are better done with a twitter account/personal blog.

    BTW, I can’t wait to ‘like’ her page on Facebook.

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