PrettySlide: Create Slideshows From Your Facebook Photos

Facebook photos are easy to share with your friends but clicking next on every picture is not the most convenient way to see a photo album. Thats where slideshows work like a charm.

PrettySlide is a web application that lets you create slideshows of your Facebook albums. No need to register or sign-up, simple login with Facebook Connect and choose which album you want to create a slideshow of. You can choose from 5 different slideshow themes including Basic Viewer, Simple Viewer, PostCard Viewer, Flow Viewer and Carousal Viewer.

After you have created a slideshow, PrettySlide provides you with a permanent URL that you can use to share the slideshow with others. You can also change the style of a slideshow once you have created it. Overall, PrettySlide is a good application but it can be made even better if they could allow users to create a slideshow from only certain photos rather than the whole album.

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Tehseen Baweja

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  • PrettySlide is onto something good here. Now if they can give users the ability to create slideshows using only selected photographs, they would really be on top of things. I do expect to see them come up with this functionality sooner or later.