Orkut Gets Flooded with ‘Bom Sabado’ Scraps

If you are amongst the few who still give a damn about Orkut, you might have noticed something fishy going on over the past few hours. A large number of users are randomly flooding their friend’s scrapbooks (Orkut’s equivalent of Facebook Wall) with the following message:


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the “Bom Sabado!” messages are automatically generated by a script. However, it is not clear if this is simply a script exploiting vulnerability in Orkut, or have the accounts sending the automated scraps been compromised.

If you are amongst those affected, it’s highly recommended that you follow the steps highlighted below:

  • Switch to the “older version” of Orkut.
  • Log out of Orkut.
  • Clean your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Log in and change your password and security question.

If you haven’t been affected yet, it is strongly advised that you avoid Orkut until the issue has been resolved. I managed to trigger the same exploit while researching this article. Recently other high profile websites like Twitter and YouTube also fell victim to XSS attacks.

This is a developing story; we will update this topic as soon as we learn more. In the meanwhile, stay tuned to Techie Buzz and don’t forget to share your experience, if you have also been affected.

Update 1: The worm appears to have originated in Brazil, where Orkut is still exceptionally popular. Many of the affected users are noticing the Brazilian flag on their status messages. Additionally, the word ‘Bom Sabado’ means ‘Good Saturday’ in Portuguese, which is the official language of Brazil. We are still awaiting an official response from Google.
Update 2: ‘Bom Sabado’ is now trending on Google.


Update 3: Google has finally responded. An update posted on the official forum claims that the ‘Bom Sabado’ bug has been contained.

We’ve contained the “Bom Sabado” virus and have identified the bug that allowed this and have fixed it.
We’re currently working on restoring the affected profiles.

However, we are seeing new variants of the worm (such as ORKUT 3XPL0!T5) appear, which suggests that the underlying vulnerability is yet to be plugged.

Update 4: Google has officially confirmed that the attack did not lead to any compromised user account information. For more information check our follow-up post.

Discover New Facebook Fan Pages With the Official Page Browser

Want to discover new Facebook fan pages? Facebook has officially released a “Page Browser” which allows you to search for new Facebook fan pages and “Like” them.

Just go to facebook.com/pages/browser.php and you will see a list of fan pages divided in several categories. The fan pages are distributed among celebrities, sports, games, politics, media, TV programmes, musicians and brands. Here is how the page browser looks:

Discover New facebook Fan pages

Hovering over a fan page will allow you to “Like” it, you can also click through the text link to visit the fan page and take a look.

The page browser will certainly help those who are always in the look out for interesting fan pages but are unable to find them from the default Facebook search box.   There is a right sidebar on the Facebook fan page browser, which shows a list of friends who have also “liked” the fan pages you are currently browsing.

The official Facebook blog says in a blog post that the team wants to create a fun way to browse movies, TV shows and musicians. The Fan page browser will allow people to easily express shared interests and keep themselves updated about those interests.

The fan page suggestions will of course vary for different Facebook profiles, you can also click through the small dropdown on the right corner of the page and choose a different country to see how the Fan page suggestions change.

One question to the Facebook team – how are users going to know about the page browser? There is neither a link on my profile nor on any of the fan pages which I have liked so far.

Funny "Facebook Down" Jokes On Twitter

It is not always that goes down with such a large scale outage. Usually it is which is the butt of jokes because of it’s frequent downtimes, however, this time the joke was on Facebook and there have been several smart and hilarious tweets about the situation.

No Work With Facebook

Here are some of the most hilarious tweets about Facebook being down on Twitter, have fun laughing. You might also want to have a look at Twitter Humor, Bring the fun back to Twitter, Twitter Humor Once Again and Facebook Humor.

@Lord_Voldemort7 I shut down facebook. That’ll teach The Social Network for trying to steal attention from the Deathly Hallows Trailer. Take that, Zuckerberg

@maxxhendriks Breaking News: Facebook is down! Users are roaming the streets shoving photos in people’s faces and screaming "DO YOU LIKE THIS? DO YOU?"

@alqaeda#facebook is down. Not sure if we did that, but we should claim credit anyway. Hitting the infidels where it hurts, etc.

@OPB – BREAKING NEWS: Facebook is down. Worker productivity rises. U.S. climbs out of recession.

@mikeluna its true, facebook is down. in other news: productivity around the globe is up 85%

@crackberrykevinThis just in: workplace productivity at a 6 year all time high now that facebook is down :)

@danicrino DNS FAILURE: Facebook is down which means 9 months from today, many children will born.

@markhallCCFacebook temporarily shut down today. All the Farmville players had to walk outside. Maybe they saw some real animals :)

For more fun, visit the Twitter search page for Facebook Down.

Facebook "DNS Failure" Outage Takes Over Google Search Trends

If you thought that "DNS Failure" outage earlier today only affected Facebook, take a look again. 15 of the top 16 top Google search trends in USA today include Facebook not being accessible to users.

Facebook DNS Failure Google Search Trends

As you can see from the screenshot above, "DNS Failure" which was shown as an error message when people visited Facebook was the most searched term today, followed by 14 others which were either related to the Facebook outage or to Facebook in general.

It is understandable when one or two terms end up as "Hot searches", however, having almost 16 out of 20 shows how important Facebook has become in people’s lives. I saw the same trends in several other countries where Facebook went down during non-earthly hours.

Social networking is definitely good, but it has become a part of lives that we could not do without it for a few hours. Several users took to when Facebook went down, and Facebook also used their official Twitter account to update users about the outage. Similarly, people take to Facebook when Twitter goes down.

Someone on my timeline also joked, what if Facebook and Twitter goes down at once? That would definitely not be a joke in reality, since it would definitely void a huge part of our lives, isn’t it?

Facebook Clickjacking Scam Affecting Users

As if the Facebook outage today was not enough, is also under attack from several clickjacking scams. The new Clickjacking scam is quickly spreading where users see updates from friends which contain some enticing text with a link.

Facebook Scam Freinds Update

Clicking on the link take the user to a legitimate Fan page where they are then asked to complete a security check, which is of course bogus. After a few clicks, a button is displayed, clicking on which takes the user to another site which is a scam website.

Facebook Girlfriend Scam

The scam which is spreading with the terms "Five things every girl does before she meets her boyfriend – LOL" among others is enticing to click on, however, stay away from it. The scam will redirect you to a website which will then ask you to take a survey along with posting updates to your Facebook account.

The scam will also automatically make you a fan of their page. From the looks of it, over 86000 people have already been scammed and this number continues to grow at a very healthy rate (2000 in about 5-7 minutes).

On a side note, was also affected today with a bout of IQ Test DM Spam.

Facebook Down, Suffers Huge Outage

Looks like servers aren’t able to handle the load of their 500 million users and have been out for a while now. If you head over to this search for "Facebook Down", you will see tons of users complaining about Facebook being down.


I can confirm that Facebook is down for me too and is displaying an error saying that "An error occurred while processing your request".

This definitely looks like a big outage for Facebook, more updates to follow soon.

Update: Facebook just tweeted that the issue should be fixed for everyone, no updates on what caused it though.

We’ve resolved the tech issues that caused the site to be unavailable for some people. Everyone should now have access.

Update 2: Facebook has released a response on why the problem occurred, it turns out that it was more of a programming error which caused flooding of the DB. Read more about the details on the outage here.

Another Twitter IQ DM Spam Underway?

Quite sometime back was under a IQ test DM spam where tons of users were affected. It looks like a similar IQ test DM spam is affecting users.


The IQ spam may arise when users click on the direct messages and decide to take the test resulting in users sending out direct messages to their friends without even knowing it. In the past 24 hours I have received 10 such messages from my friends, which goes on to show that it is affecting quite a lot of people.

If you are not sure whether you have been affected or not, go to your direct messages sent Inbox to see the messages that have been sent by you. In addition to that, also visit your connections page (click this link) and revoke access to any apps that you do not trust.

As always, tweet about this post to let your friends know about this Twitter IQ Spam problem Smile.

Facebook Phone Is Real and It’s Coming to AT&T

There have been several rounds of rumors and denials about a phone from and also a funny take on how to the Facebook Phone will look like. However, until now there have been more denials than acceptance about it by Facebook.

Facebook Phone

In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Mark Zuckerberg agreed that they are working on a platform for a phone and not an actual phone itself. This was corroborated by articles from Bloomberg and Giga OM.

We’ve been working with INQ for a couple of years now to help them build a deeply integrated Facebook experience on their devices,Palo Alto, California-based Facebook said in an e- mailed statement. While we can’t speak for their future product development plans, we can say that our view is that almost all experiences would be better if they were social.

Facebook Phone will be built by mobile handset manufacturers INQ Mobile, who have been known to manufacture phones specifically for social networking. According to reports, there will be two smartphones based on Facebook and they will be coming to AT&T in the United States.

According to Facebook stats, 1/4th of their 500 million users use mobile devices or on , , and to access the site. This in itself means that over 125 million users are actively using smartphones to access the site. It would definitely make sense for Facebook to get a pie of the 125 million users by launching their own phone.

However, unlike other mobile apps, the dedicated Facebook phones will also concentrate on a gaming apps and experience, which is where users spend most of their time on the site. Currently, no other mobile phone directly allows users to play Facebook games.

However, it would be interesting to see how many people actually go ahead and buy the device. Let’s hold onto that thought for now.

(Image Credit: Willimedia Blog – http://willimediablog.com)

Planning To Watch The Facebook Movie? Hear the Soundtrack First

This is already some buzz regarding The Social Network- an upcoming movie about Facebook written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher. Although the latest trailer of the Facebook movie can be found on YouTube, those of you who are interested in the background score have some good news.

Just go to this URL and enter   your email address in the subscription box. Hit Sign upand you will immediately receive an email containing the download link of the soundtrack of the Facebook movie – The Social Network.


The available tracks included in the free download are as follows:

  • Soft trees break the fall
  • Eventually we find our way
  • The gentle hum of anxiety
  • Pieces from the whole
  • On we march my pick

You can pre order other versions of the soundtrack from the same website.

The movie is based on Ben Mezrich’s book “The Accidental Billionaires” and has a budget of 40 Million pounds. The movie is supposed to be a comedy one but will surely add to the ridicule Mark Zuckerberg is already a target of. The movie is produced by Kevin Spacey and is expected to be released this October.

Here is the trailer video of the Facebook movie:

Thanks Vicky

Facebook Alternative for Kids – Try Togetherville

togetherville-logo Most of you know that kids under 13 are not supposed to use Facebook. However, you also probably know that there are lots of kids cheating on that limit. Some of them are doing so with their parents’ knowledge. I don’t think it’s a good idea. I could argue that it’s not safe for adults on Facebook, because of all of the privacy problems that they’ve had in the past.

Now there is a new service called Togetherville. They promise to make it safe for kids to share online. Here’s a short video about the service.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

So why is it safer? I’m not sure that it’s completely safe, but the first layer of defense is that the kids can’t sign up themselves. In order to create an account, an adult must sign in using a Facebook account, then set up the accounts for the kids they are responsible for. There’s nothing to prevent kids already in Facebook from creating adult accounts at Togetherville, but this first requirement will help prevent it.

Togetherville also tightly controls the video and game content on their service so that the kiddies won’t see frightening and weird stuff. If they make sharing and gaming attractive enough to the kids, this new service may be a big help for parents.

This new service may not be perfect, but it’s a lot better than letting your 11 year old use Facebook.