Get Movie Recommendations Based On Your Twitter Friends Tweets

Every once in a while you would like to take a break and catch a movie. However, there are always 5-10 movies playing around each week, so which one should you go and watch?

Twitter Movie Recommendations

Of course, movie reviews could help, but what if you could get a little more help from your friends too? Asking which movie you should watch on Twitter would evoke responses from your friends, but what if you could magically find recommendations based on what your Twitter friends are already tweeting?

In comes Mombo, a movie recommendation engine based on what your twitter friends are saying about movies. Mombo analyzes your friends tweets and recommends movies to you based on which movies they are talking about. In addition to that, it also analyzes your friends tweets and displays they movies they are talking about in a separate tab.

I saw some pretty accurate results when I visited my recommendation page at, and I also tested this with some other friends and found them to be accurate.

Overall this service is a handy one and can save you a lot of trouble when you want to decide on what movie you have to watch. Just leave that hassle aside and let your friends recommendations win. Go get your own recommendations at

HootSuite For iPhone and Android Free On October 13

HootSuite is a popular client which allows you to manage your Twitter accounts and allow multiple users to access and post to them.


In addition to that web interface, HootSuite also has an app for the , and . However, the is paid which might deter using from buying it. However, if you haven’t bought the app because of the $2.99 price, here is your chance to get it free.

According to an announcement on the official HootSuite blog, HootSuite for iPhone and HootSuite for will be available for free on October 13, 2010. Users will be able to view clickthrough stats for your links, manage more than three social networks, and enjoy all the benefits of the full version of HootSuite mobile.

Download HootSuite for iPhone and HootSuite for Android free on October 13.

Facebook Announces Groups, Data Liberation And Application Control

Mark Zuckerberg announced two new features today that were pretty interesting. The first one was Groups, which would allow you to create groups from your friend list and then share photos and updates with them and the second was the ability to export your data from Facebook.

With the new Facebook Groups, users can create a list of people they want to share content with. For example Family, Blogging Friends, Football Group and so on. They can then selectively share data with only those groups instead of sharing them with everyone.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups, which can be accessed at will allow you to share content with selective people, perform a group chat and send and receive updates using a group email address like a mailing list. Thankfully, Facebook would avoid privacy issues this time as all communication within a group is private by default.

Another important change with Facebook is Data Liberation, which means that you can now easily download all your messages, wall posts, photos, status updates and profile information from Facebook and save it on your computer. However, there is no option to download your Friends list yet.

Facebook has also introduced a new Dashboard for Applications you use, making it easy to see what information the application you use have access to and change their settings. This is definitely a good move since most of the unwanted updates and clickjacking scams on Facebook happen through these apps.

Overall, Facebook did not announce anything that I was expecting yesterday, so we’ll have to wait for another time to see those announcements. You can read all the announcements made today at the Official Facebook Blog.

Watch Facebook Event Announcements Live Online

will be announcing something big today and I made some predictions on what they could be announcing yesterday. If you are eager to find out what they are going to announce, you can catch the announcement through a live webcasting on Facebook.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be making some big announcements today and it could either be deeper integration with Skype, Facebook Phone or Facebook Email. He could just skip all these and announce something new altogether.

Interested to see what they are going to announced? Well, you can catch up all the live action from the event at the Facebook Live Stream at 10:30AM Pacific Time (1:30 PM Eastern) today at or catch it live in the video embedded below.

Facebook Drops Unsubscribe Option For Likes and Comments Notifications

A couple of months ago, had rolled out a new feature to unsubscribe from notifications received when you commented or liked a certain post. However, it looks like they have dropped the feature now.

Facebook Removes Unsubscribe From Notifications

As of today, users no longer see the unsubscribe option when they like or comment on someone’s post. Removing the notification unsubscription option from Facebook is definitely a bad move and would probably anger few users who have come to like this feature.

So why did Facebook get rid of a feature that would help users comment and like more things on Facebook? Possibly because it was decreasing the pageviews they got because of less notifications being sent out. However, as a user I would definitely want to see the feature brought back. What do you think? Will you miss the notification unsubscription feature or can you live without it?

(h/t Commentator)

What’s Facebook Going to Announce Tomorrow? Facebook Phone, Email or Skype Acquisition?

will be making a big announcement tomorrow and there are wild speculations of what they could be announcing tomorrow. There are few big things doing the round of rumor mills today including a deeper integration with Skype to bring voice and video chat to Facebook, announcement of Facebook Phone or the resurrection of Project Titan, an email service from Facebook.


So which of these sound more realistic? Let’s take a look at each situations and how it would work out for Facebook.

Acquisition of Skype or Deeper Integration With It

Facebook provides users with an option to chat with their friends, but it is limited to text right now. Adding voice and video chat to Facebook would definitely be a win win situation for them, because most Facebook users would love to interact and share through these mediums rather than having to just do text. Facebook would also be able to capture a huge market of instant messaging users if they add this feature.

Facebook Skype

So where does Skype fit in? Skype is definitely one of the most popular voice and video software which is heavily used for individual chat, group chats, conferencing and podcasting among other things. Integrating it with Facebook would bring a much needed feature to site, allowing users to do something for which they have had to use separate clients.

Recently also added a feature to allow users in US to call mobile phones and landlines in US for free and to make calls to other countries for a small charge. Imagine giving 500 million Facebook users the same benefits and you would have more and more users and advertisers running towards them.

This makes me very optimistic that Facebook would announce some sort of partnership with Skype tomorrow.

Facebook Phone

Facebook Phone

The smartphone market has exploded and there are tons of players in it. There were rumors about the Facebook Phone which were later confirmed. However, announcing a phone which just tightly integrates with Facebook is not going to bring in customers.

If Facebook is doing a phone it has to do a lot more than just contacts and events. It has to allow users to make use of the entire Facebook platform including games and apps.

For example, if the Facebook event app could integrate with the Calendar, it would make it easier to schedule events and then invite contacts from your phone itself. However, I am now very keen on seeing a Facebook Phone tomorrow.

Facebook Email – Project Titan

Facebook Email

Project Titan was a secret project rumored to being developed by Facebook. According to people who were in the know about the project, it is an email system similar to several available today and would allow users to access email through POP or IMAP and send email through SMTP.

Users would be get a email address to send and receive emails. Though not much information is available about this project, it could definitely be something Facebook would want to do.

Take a look at some stats. Hotmail has 360 million users, Yahoo Mail has ~303 million users and Gmail has ~200 million users. Now, Facebook currently has over 500 million users, if they launch email they become the biggest email provider in the world, albeit if all of their users actively use it.

The email system combined with voice and video chat would ensure that people would get everything they want on Facebook itself, rather than having to use multiple services. This also has huge revenue potential for Facebook, because people would spend more and more time on the site to check emails, chat and have fun too.

Note: Yahoo and Gmail email users are estimates from Wikipedia and other sources. Hotmail users is actual count sourced from a recent Microsoft press release.

All of these are mere speculations, but looking at how Facebook has grown in the past few years, they might hit their peak at one point of time, and adding some or all of these features definitely make sense for them, both for growth as well as for revenues.

So what do you think will Facebook reveal in their announcement tomorrow? Any wild guesses?

Twitter Launches Promoted Accounts and Gets a New CEO

While 2009 was the year in which Twitter really made it big, 2010 is shaping up to be the year in which Twitter really grew up as a product. Gone are the days when the disruptive social networking service used to be mocked for its (lack of a) business model. During the course of this year, Twitter has launched “Promoted Trends” and has announced “Promoted Tweets”. Now the company has rolled out “Promoted Accounts”.

“Promoted Accounts” is currently available to only select brands, but might be offered to individuals later. The concept behind Twitter’s latest monetization effort is simple. As shown in the screenshot embedded below, the promoted twitter accounts will show up in the “Who to follow” section of Twitter’s website. Twitter will be suggesting relevant promoted accounts to its users algorithmically. Carolyn Penner, Twitter communications, explains, “For example, a lot of people who follow several gaming-related accounts also follow @xbox. If someone follows gaming-related accounts, but not @xbox, Twitter may recommend @xbox to that person”.


In related news, the startup is now 300 employees strong, and has just announced the selection of Dick Costolo as its new CEO. Ev Williams has stepped down to concentrate on envisioning new product ideas. Like his partner Biz Stone, Williams now simply holds the title of co-founder. Costolo, who was previously Twitter’s COO, has revealed that Twitter will not be filling the vacancy in the near future.

Facebook Adds Scribd For Personalized Reading Recommendations

Facebook is slowly encouraging instant personalization by teaming up with partner sites, some of the popular services are Pandora, and the latest one to join hands is Scribd.

If you are unaware of Instant personalization, it’s   a new feature which lets a user easily bring the interest of their Facebook friends, when they are interacting with a partner site.

Say you have just uploaded a document at and want to know which of your friends are very active on the same site. Instant Personalization will let you see the interest of your friends on, which features do your friends use, what they are “Liking” and so on.

The good news is that Scribd – a social reading and publishing site has recently been added as one of the partner sites. Now it is really easy to find what your Facebook friends are reading or sharing over at Scribd.

It works like this – when you visit while logged into Facebook, you will see personalized reading recommendations. The recommendations will be based on what your friends are sharing over at Scribd and what type of content you “Like” on Facebook. When you find something very interesting, you can hit the “Share” button next to an item and it will be posted on your Facebook profile.

Here is how an example update may look like:

The following presentation briefly outlines what the Scribd Readcast is all about:

Can I Control Instant Personalization and What Information Is Shared?

Of course, you can certainly control what information is available to the partner websites from the “privacy settings”. If you want to turn off Instant personalization, go to   Account > privacy Settings > Instant Personalization and click the “Edit Settings” button , as shown below:

source: Facebook blog

Google: Orkut’s “Bom Sabado” Worm Did Not Compromise User Information

Yesterday, Orkut was paralyzed and transformed into a booby trapped minefield by the “Bom Sabado” worm that spread like wildfire. While most of the world was oblivious to the attack, its effect was felt in countries like India and Brazil where Orkut has a sizable presence.


As suspected, the worm exploited an XSS (cross-site scripting) vulnerability present in Orkut, to load a third-party JavaScript that automatically sent scraps to everyone in an affected user’s friend list. However, contrary to popular belief, user’s cookies weren’t stolen or poisoned.

A Google spokesperson issued the following statement:

We took swift action to fix a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability on that was discovered early Saturday. We were aware of a script being used to spread messages on orkut, but our analysis of the script code did not reveal any evidence of users’ accounts becoming compromised; nonetheless, the issue is now resolved. We’re in the process of cleaning affected profiles, and we are studying the vulnerability to help prevent similar issues in the future.

Twitter Attacked Again

Just a day after Google’s social network Orkut was ravaged by the “Bom Sabado” worm, Twitter has possibly fallen victim to a XSS (cross-site scripting) attack.

Details are scarce at the moment, but the gist of the matter is that you should strictly avoid clicking links in any tweet that begins with a WTF. If you do, then be prepared for a barrage of embarrassing messages like these being tweeted out from your account:


The attack has already claimed high profile tweeps like Robert Scoble and Zee.

via CoveringWeb

Update 1: Twitter has issued a statement that states, “A malicious link is making the rounds that will post a tweet to your account when clicked on. Twitter has disabled the link, and is currently resolving the issue.”

Update 2: Twitter is now saying that they have fixed the exploit and are in the process of removing the offending Tweets. While Twitter succeeded in nipping the problem in the bud through their quick response, this attack comes just five days after a major XSS vulnerability resurfaced in its web interface. Twitter clearly needs to do a better job at plugging the holes.