Request Invite For Facebook Social Messaging/Email

today announced the next generation of messaging dubbed as Facebook Social Messaging. Using the service you can communicate with your friends using IM, SMS and of course email too.

Facebook Email and Social Messaging

However, Facebook Social Messaging is only a invite-only affair right now and you will have to wait to get an invite before you can use it. Excited? Well, so am I, but am still waiting for that elusive invite to come by.

If you cannot wait to get your hands on an invite you can request for one at the official Facebook site. Be aware that lot of scams for the Facebook messaging invites will come by in the next few days, so be wary of what you click or share. Go ahead and request an invite for Facebook Mail/Social Messaging at

Microsoft Announces Office Web Apps And Facebook Messaging Collaboration

Today’s announcement of the messaging system was not just about Facebook. In addition to being able to view and send messages, users will also be able to view Microsoft documents in Facebook.

Office Web Apps

In a blog post Microsoft announced collaborating between Office Live Docs and Facebook. Facebook’s new messaging platform will allow users to view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with just one click, without having to install any additional software. This feature is similar to what has, where users can open attachments in instead of downloading it.

Along with the one-click integration, Office Web Apps will also allow you to quickly create and share documents with your friends on Facebook. Microsoft is really bullish about pushing it’s Office Web Apps to users considering how popular Google Docs turned out to be. However, will they be able to capture the market share back? With 500 million Facebook users, it could just be possible.

You can create new office documents online by visiting and store all your files using the whooping 25GB free space provided with Windows Live SkyDrive.

Facebook iPhone App With Social Messaging Now Available

has updated their App with the new social messaging feature they announced today built in. Unfortunately there is nothing new to report or add at this time since the system is invite only. I’ll try and get my hands on an invite soon and write up more about the Facebook email aka Facebook Social messaging.

Facebook iPhone App

In the meantime grab the new Facebook  from here. Unfortunately there is no news when an updated app for coming..

Facebook Email Is Not Email But Social Messaging

If you did not tune into the live event from Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced that every Facebook user will get a user email address. However, the product they announced is not exactly email, but more of social messaging service.

Facebook Email

Some interesting stats from the conference includes that 350 million users use messages to send 4 billion messages. Mark also said that Facebook’s new product is not exactly email but a social messaging. The new product is similar to the current Facebook messaging system but will also allow users to send you email through your Facebook email ID.

Facebook messaging will also work through the new app they will be launching today and SMS too. Mark elaborated that Facebook is not creating an email killer and in-fact does not expect users to close down their email accounts. Facebook messaging is more about messaging through IMs, messages, SMS and more.

Facebook messaging/email will be an invite only system, so you will not be able to access it till you are invited. Facebook messaging will also support IMAP in future.

The official blog post for Facebook messaging is up now, read it here. You might be able to take tour of the messaging system at though it does not look to be live yet.

More details coming up…

Watch Facebook Email/Project Titan Conference Live Online

is holding a special event on Monday, which is tomorrow. There is high speculation that Facebook might announce a new email service. The email service being developed by Facebook is not new and was dubbed as Project Titan previously.


The rumor of Facebook unveiling an email service is very ripe with them acquiring recently. Nevertheless, unlike last time, we might really see Facebook email in reality tomorrow. Excited? Well, so are we and you can catch up the Facebook event live tomorrow and follow each and every details being unveiled before your eyes live online.

To watch the Facebook Conference tomorrow about the new email service/Project Titan head over to You will be able to watch the live video tomorrow starting at 10AM PST. Have fun.

Facebook Gains Control of More Proof of the Impending Launch of Facebook Mail

Yesterday we reported that Facebook might be preparing to unleash its own Gmail killer. Developed under the codename Project Titan, Facebook’s super-secret project is expected to see the light of day on Monday.

According to rumors, all Facebook users will be offered email addresses. This raises the question, how will Facebook differentiate between employees and users? DomainNameWire’s revelation that Facebook has seized control of the domain name offers a possible answer. Facebook acquired the domain name in September and began using its nameservers yesterday. It’s extremely likely that Facebook will be offering employees email addresses.

Even more interestingly, (as well as is redirecting to an Outlook web app login page. However, this doesn’t mean that the new Facebook email service will be using OWA as its front-end. A more likely scenario is that Facebook is just using Microsoft Exchange to handle employee email accounts.

Facebook to Launch Email Service on Monday?

Facebook will launch a new webmail service on Monday that will offer every Facebook user an email address, if TechCrunch is to be believed. Rumors regarding Facebook’s secret Project Titan have earlier surfaced on numerous occasions; however, this time it might make an appearance for real.


With more than 500 million users, Facebook is larger than Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Gmail. Over the past few months, Facebook has beefed up its Photos and Events features, and launched a new location based check-in feature. It has already become an integral and indispensable part of life for millions around the world, and launching an email service will only strengthen Facebook’s grip.

Facebook’s growing dominance has earned it the ire of Google, who recently criticized the social network for trapping user’s personal information. If TechCrunch’s predictions regarding Facebook’s Monday event pans out, then Google better watch out. People might not need another webmail service, but if Facebook manages to integrate the new messaging system tightly with the main interface, it might find quite a few takers.

Twitter Joins Forces With Apple’s Ping, Discover More Music

When iTunes 10 was introduced, it brought about a new feature with it called Ping. Ping is a social networking service from Apple to allow users to share music tastes and connect with musicians and people alike.

When Ping launched initially, it did so with integration. However, the Facebook integration was taken out within a few days thanks to Apple and Facebook not reaching a deal and Facebook blocking Ping from accessing their API.

Twiter Ping Integration

Today has stepped in to fill the void by announcing a new deal with Ping where users can share their ping activity, song previews and music download links on Twitter. As you can see from the screenshot above, sharing a link to the iTunes store will automatically display the product details beneath it, along with other Twitter activities.

If you use Ping, you can now connect your Twitter account to it and instantly find Ping users among the people you follow on Twitter. Once you have linked your Twitter and Ping account, your Ping activity like liking a song, new reviews or a song purchase will automatically be tweeted to your followers. In addition to the links, users will also be able to preview the songs and purchase it from within Twitter itself.

Considering how popular iTunes Store is, this move between Ping and Twitter is a definite win-win for both. Alas, there is no official word on when Apple and Facebook will set aside their differences and come up with a deal. More at the Twitter Blog.

Twitter Founders @biz & @ev On The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [Videos]

Jimmy Fallon, the late night talk show host and comedian is known to be a gadget freak. He often has Engadget editors on his show. However, this time around he got two very powerful gentlemen on the show; co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone.

In the show Jimmy asks the Twitter co-founders on how the idea of Twitter came about and the introduction of the word "tweet", which they attributed to have been created by Twitter users.

Watch the video of Evan Williams and Biz Stone on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon below.

Twitter Introducing Location Based Places/Check-ins?

Looks like location is taking a new dimension. You can no longer just visit some place and not tell your friends about it, literally. recently introduced a new location based service called Facebook Places. Facebook Places was in direct competition with previously introduced service Foursquare.


It looks now that is also all set to introduce Places and Check-ins. As you can see from the image above, Twitter has some sort of check-ins in place where users can claim to be in places. In addition to that people can also check-in to places as seen in the "Recent people in Twitter HQ". If you are a Foursquare user, you might be familiar with this, albeit, instead of claiming a place, you actually become the mayor of a certain place.

With location based services heating up, thanks to the additional advertisements services can obtain from local businesses, this is definitely going to be another way for Twitter to claim a share of revenue, just like Facebook did.

(via Scripting News – Hacker News h/t @Scobleizer | Image Credit – Scripting News/Flickr)