Orkut Underground Community Behind Spamming Facebook

Recently I wrote a post about how a spam had come across where people were told about “Really cool Facebook   revolving images” and to “Checkout 360 rotate effect on images”. The exploit was run through JavaScript which user’s themselves went and posted in their address bar, which then caused their profiles to post on their friends wall with the message.

Orkut Underground Community Facebook Attack

However, the attack was started by an underground community which also has a presence on Facebook (Thanks Tony via Comment). As you can see from the image above, this community is all about business and about a numerous amounts of hacks.

Though the attack was not harmful at all, it was definitely malicious and spread like a malware. Orkut and Facebook are two competing social networking platforms, so it was really not surprising. However, Google does have to rein in such communities and clamp down on them if they want to be really realistic about being competitive.

Quite recently members of 4Chan and Tumblr went after each other and took each other down too, so is rivalry brewing between users who are loyal to a particular website? I think so.

I have contacted both Facebook and Google/Orkut for their response on this, will update this post once they respond.

Update: Google responded back to me and have promised to look into the matter and take appropriate actions. I will update this post when there is more to share.

Email Scams Now Hit Facebook Messaging

launched their new Facebook messaging service with fanfare saying that it would be a great way to communicate with people, with less spam. However, it looks like they still have quite a lot of work to do with fighting spam in Facebook Messaging.

According to a Business Insider writer, his Facebook Email account has already received a spam message where the sender said that he had won some money and in order to get it, he would have to send some personal details along. Such type of spam messages are very common with regular email and are usually marked as spam by services such as and Hotmail.


However, Facebook messaging is yet to encounter such messages and will have to filter such messages out and mark it as scam. Facebook Email/Messaging is yet in its infancy and not widely used, so they still have a lot of time on hands before a huge number of users begin to use.

Time to start polishing the rough edges then.. I mean spam filters to track such common spam messages. No?

Really Cool Facebook Revolving Images Scam

With 500+ million people, 500= millions scams are bound to happen. Another one sleazy scam is now underway and it involves showing people "Really cool Facebook revolving images".


The messages is spreading virally and I had to delete around 9 messages from my wall recently. The scam looks to be spreading virally. As always do not click on this link and delete it from your wall if you see it.

P.S. I visited the site in question to see what it had to offer, but it is just a parked page, so nothing to write home about here. Safe Facebooking.

Facebook 360 Rotate Effect Scam

Update: Looks like this scam is spreading differently now. Users are now writing on other people’s walls with the text "Checkout 360 rotate effect on images. MUST SEE http://revolvingimages.info/fb/"

Update 2: This problems seems to be user-initiated where they are enticed to copy and paste some JavaScript into their browser address bar, please do not copy paste any unknown JavaScript in the address bar as it can spread the scam more.

Twitter Ties Up With LinkedIn, WeFollow, Bing For Directory Services

Just a few minutes ago I wrote about a mysterious link called "Directory" appearing on certain profiles in Twitter. It turns out that it is a full page replacement for "Who To Follow" on .

Twitter Directory People

As you can see from the screenshot above, which you can also see for yourself here, Twitter is now displaying "Who to follow" and friend suggestions in an entirely different page altogether.

Twitter Directory Related Services LinkedIn, WeFollow

However, there is a interesting section in the sidebar of this page called "Related Services" where Twitter has tied up with several other networks including LinkedIn, WeFollow and Bing among others. These services will allow you to find your people and follow them on Twitter.

Twitter Directory LinkedIn Service

This tie-up will allow Twitter to tap into other services to allow users to connect to people they already know on different social networking services. Unfortunately, Twitter does not have a tie-up with yet, and Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams had made that clear at the Web 2.0 summit, which was also reported by the NYT.

So, the mysterious directory service on twitter is after all a way to allow people to connect with more people and also use other services to connect with people they already know there.

Mysterious Directory Option Shows Up On Twitter

is working on something, though I am not really sure on how big it is. According to several people including one of my friends @vausdevg, a new link has begun to show up on Twitter, with the anchor text "Directory".


However, the link is not functional and several Twitter users are curious about it as you can see from the screenshot above. I asked my friend to check the link, but it is not functional. So what kind of directory is Twitter working on? Is it a directory listing people’s contacts? Is it a directory of people whose tweets you want to follow? Nothing is sure as of now.

I’ll keep my eye open and update this post when more information becomes available, till then…

Update: TechCrunch is reporting that this is something similar to "Who To Follow" and "Similar to" and can be accessed by visiting this page.

(Image via @vasudevg)

Myspace Announces Mashup With Facebook

Whoever would have thought a few years ago that once the most popular social networking site Myspace would have a tie-up with the current social networking site . However, it happened today. Myspace and Facebook have announced a collaboration today where MySpace users can import their Facebook likes and interests to Myspace.

Myspace Facebook Mashup

In a press release by MySpace, they announced a partnership with Facebook which read:

Today, Myspace announced Mashup with Facebook, a new feature that allows Myspace users to easily create a personalized stream of entertainment content. With a simple one-click set-up, the likes and interests of a user’s Facebook profile are ported over to Myspace, enabling a user’s stream to become immediately populated with the entertainment content they already love. Users also have the ability to program their own streams based on recommendations and trending topics bubbling up on Myspace, while also engaging with other fans that share the same interests and passions in music, celebrities, TV, and movies.

According to the new agreement Myspace users will now have the ability to pull their Facebook likes and interests into Myspace allowing Myspace to fill their stream with entertainment content they like. Mashup with Facebook is an opt-in feature that is quick and easy to set up. Users can visit Myspace.com and click on the Mashup with Facebook button to begin.

Myspace will use a users likes and interests data from Facebook to display relevant Myspace topic pages, profiles and videos among other things. The new recommendations will all work in real-time so that users can discover new content quickly.

Myspace will use the Sync with Facebook feature which allows users to sync their Facebook and Myspace profiles to Mashup their data. As weird as it my sound, it looks like Myspace was in desperate need to piggyback on Facebook’s success to keep themselves up and running.

For more information visit the Myspace press release.

Who Checked Your Facebook Profile Scam Underway

Ok, I am not tired of unearthing these scams, including some Pedophile scams unearthed by Clif, but they just don’t go away. A new Facebook scam is now underway, where users are enticed to use a feature to find out who visited their profiles, anyone?

Facebook Profile Visit Scam

As enticing as this feature sounds, it is practically impossible to know such kind of information using apps thanks to the restrictions Facebook has put in. So first of all such apps are a farce, and secondly, they are only interested in luring people into clicking on the link you share and then fooling you into sharing it with your friends too.

These kinds of attacks have been very popular on Facebook to spread links that do nothing. Of course most of these scams do little damage, but it spreads virally thanks to the number of users who use Facebook. The newest scam has a link with the text “Check Who Viewed YoUr Fbook Profile – An Easy App to Check Who Viewed YoUr FaceBook Profile. It Really Words So don’t Wait Check Out Now!”

Facebook Profile Scam

For the record, the screenshot above is filled with references to I am malware site.

Once again, a simple advice to people who use Facebook. Everything that glitters is not gold, likewise, everything with a link and enticing text on Facebook is not real, so stay away from clicking it.

Tiger Woods Joins Twitter, Gains Followers Rapidly

Famous (or in-famous) golfer has been bitten by the tweeting bird and has officially joined today. The account @TigerWoods is verified and is gaining bucket loads of followers by the hour.

Tiger Woods on Twiiter

Tiger Woods seems to be opening up his social life a bit more after his recent problems and has now officially joined Twitter. He already has about 130K followers and is quickly add to that number. His first tweet promoted his own Twitter account, followed by his account and website.

Looking at his tweets, Tiger seems to be pretty happy at joining Twitter. Hopefully he will enjoy his stay and get to interact more with his fans. Go ahead and follow Tiger @TigerWoods.

Backtype Launches Influence Checker For Twitter Users

Backtype, which is a tracking tool for , has jumped into the influence game similar to what Klout does, and now provides influence measurements for Twitter users.

Backtype Influence

Backtype uses a proprietary algorithm which is similar to Google’s PageRank system to indicate how influential a (Twitter) user is. The score for a user is based on the examination of a user’s interactions and reach with friends and followers on Twitter.

Backtype has traditionally been a blog plugin to track Twitter trackbacks for URLs but this change definitely adds more value to the service. To check yours or any users Twitter influence, head over to http://www.backtype.com and type in the @username in the search box.

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(Backtype Blog via The Next Web)

Facebook Email Invites Selling On eBay, Bid’s at $117.50

I knew this was coming, however, it came sooner than I excepted. Invites for the recently launched Facebook email/messaging are selling on eBay. However, if thought that it would not get any takers, there are already 19 bids with the latest one going for $117.50.

Facebook Email Invites Selling on eBay

With more than 23 hours left for the bid to finish, the final price could touch the roof. is going to roll out the service to all users gradually, but till then you will come across several such smart users who will make money of something which is actually free. If you are in a hurry to get an invite, don’t buy it, just learn how you can get a free Facebook email invite for yourself. Patience is a virtue and the invite system is a trap, stay away from it.

Update: The sale does not look as bad it sounds. Entire proceeds of the sale of the Facebook email Invite will be given to a charity called Susan G. Komen for the Cure-Global Headquarters.

(h/t @kwbridge)