Facebook Announces Deeper Integration With INQ and HTC Phones

Remember the rumors of the Facebook phone? Well though those did really materialize, and has been working with mobile software developers and now mobile manufactures to deeply integrate the Facebook experience in devices.

Facebook INQ Cloud Touch

In a blog post today, Facebook said that they would be collaborating with INQ and HTC to bring deeper Facebook integration into their upcoming phones. Users will see better Facebook integration in the upcoming Cloud Touch and Cloud Q phones from INQ and the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa phones from HTC.

HTC ChaCha & HTC Salsa Facebook

All the above phones will either have a dedicated button for Facebook or will provide a one-touch access to Facebook through their interface.  This would also mean that users will have access to their Facebook contacts as a part of their phone and will have a better Facebook experience overall.

Facebook is also working with other phone manufactures and devices to integrate Facebook as a part of the phone interface or with the Facebook branding itself.

With almost 600 million users, these Facebook phones will definitely fly off the shelves and give Facebook a much tighter control over the mobile market.

Free iPad Tweets Spamming Twitter Mentions

Recently we gave away a free iPad to a lucky winner as our Christmas gift to our readers. That contest is over so where would you get a free iPad now? Not from those stupid bots pretty ladies on who mention you in tweets and tell you that you can win a Free from some site.

Free iPad

First of the Free iPad mentions are a scam and I urge you to report the sender as spam and block them. Secondly most of the free iPad tweets are basically spam. If you are enticed and click on those links, you will be asked to fill up some survey which could lead to tons of email spam or you could potentially just download some virus or malware to your PC.

Some of these links could be as bad as the Facebook scams doing rounds of the internet and you could unwittingly share something on your timeline.

So please don’t click on the links when you see these kind of messages. Anything Free comes with a catch Smile. However, when we say that we are giving away an iPad, it is for real Smile.

Facebook Upgrading Fan Pages To Look Like Profile Page

is busy rolling out another UI change, this time though it is for Fan pages on Facebook (become our Fan). The new Facebook Fan page UI is basically similar to the Facebook profile page changes which was hated by many users.

Facebook Fan Page Update

Facebook has been making a lot of changes to their UI recently which includes removing suggest fan page to friends feature, adding spam filter to pages and reducing the tab width of fan pages among other things.

The new fan pages are similar to profile pages with the navigation moved to the left had side, recent photos displayed at the top of the page, a new wall filter for displaying wall posts, more tighter integration with the rest of Facebook and new options in Settings.

I find the UI of the new fan page really ugly and it is definitely something that I won’t want to switch to. Unfortunately, the upgrade will be rolled out to all users whether they want it or not.

What do you think about the new Facebook Fan page design? Do you love it or hate it? Do let me know through your comments.

Update: You can read about the new Facebook Fan page update in this note posted by Facebook.

"I Was Online For xx Hours In 2010" Facebook Scam Spreading

After a brief lull, a new Facebook scam has just popped it’s head out. The new scam is spread through wall post updates of people where users will see a text saying "I was online on FB for 4007 hours in 2010! Use this great tool to check how much hours you spent online."

I was Online Facebook Scam

As you can see the message is enticing enough for users to click on to actually see how many hours they have spent on . However, this is a scam and clicking on this link will lead you to the app asking for permissions. Once you give it permissions, it will automatically post an update to your wall with a similar message and then ask you to complete some surveys.


The app is definitely a scam, because when I used it on an account created just for scams like these, it told me that I was online for 3988 hours in 2010, whereas as per my last recollection this account was only created in December and the max time I have spent online with this account can hardly go beyond a couple of hours.

Rest aside, do not click on this link and ask your friends who post such updates to delete it from their walls. Also if you are so keen to check how much time you spend on Facebook, check out some of our earlier articles.

Facebook Celebrates 7th Birthday With 1.5 Million Facebook Users

, the social network which took the world by a storm and now has almost 600 million users just celebrated their 7th Birthday today. Facebook was launched on February 4th, 2004 and has been steadily growing to new heights each and every year.

Facebook's 7th Birthday

At latest unofficial valuation Facebook is worth a whooping $50 billion. However, more than that, Facebook has managed to bring people closer to their friends who they knew since school days and also several other people whom you could never keep in touch with otherwise.

Facebook also shared an interesting fact that they share their birthday with 1.5 million other Facebook users. Here’s wishing Facebook a Very Happy 7th Birthday, despite all your privacy issues, you have definitely helped me connect with long lost friends.

Pittsburg Steelers Fans Make A Towel Twirl With #Steelersnation Hashtag

Remember the 10 Really Amazing and Extraordinary users of Twitter? If you don’t go ahead and read the earlier post. But while you are at it, here is another amazing thing that the Pittsburg Steelers fans have done with .

Twitter Tower Twirl #SteelersNation

Steelers who will be playing in Super Bowl XLV can look forward to the support of their fans who have build a really cool gadget which makes use of Twitter to twirl a towel whenever someone uses #Steelersnation in a tweet, or twerribletowel too as the creators of the gadget told me.

The gadget looks for the above words in tweets and then uses an old fan motor to twirl the towel whenever it comes across it. The gadget is built by Steelers fans who are technology enthusiast. You can watch the Towel twirl live in action by visiting http://twerribletowel.com/. The site will display your Twitter handle and show you the number of twirl’s it has made.

Quite interesting and amazing. Want to try this out? Go ahead and open http://twerribletowel.com/ and then tweet anything with the hashtag #steelersnation to get it rolling. Have fun.

(h/t @fossiloflife)

Nonprofit 101: How Not to Deceive

bag-of-moneyIf Shahrukh Khan and sex influence movie sales, then the feeling of helplessness and the desire to change it influences nonprofit donations.   The idea of making the world a better place is a huge driving force. The most important question for a charity organization is, how can they best portray their cause and the plight of the situation to their public?

This brings us to Nanhi Kali, the brains behind The Girl Store. They also work with different NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) to implement education for girls at the grass root level. It’s a noble cause, indeed! Having said that, the obvious problem is out there: The life of a girl child in India is not easy. If they are not facing the sex trade, they face discrimination and/or violence.

Getting back to the question, how does an organization portray the plight of these young Indian girls? Answer: The Girl Store. I urge you to take a look at the website. Make sure you record your very first impression and then come back to read the rest: The Girl Store

When I saw the site, my first impression was discomfort. It was almost scary looking at those girls, who clearly have dampened spirits in their eyes and are all fidgeting with the helm of their shirts or kurtas. It gives you the feeling of despair – you want to just go hug them and say … Please smile … please! Once that emotion overrides you, you will see what I saw.

First you see   9 girls and their plights, so openly, almost nakedly, being portrayed to the world. Now I ask you to look closer. It is not 9 girls – there are just 4 girls dressed differently. Look at the images below. (click for larger)



Feel deceived, don’t you? That feeling of despair almost gets overwritten with a feeling of What the F*ck!.   Take for example, this donor’s good intention in giving Binny a chance to go to school. But is it Binny, Nairit or Chandini?

This, by all means, crosses ethical boundaries. Not only is the company deceiving its viewers, they are essentially playing with our emotions. This is not to say that the company doesn’t do good work. They probably have done some great work for education of girls in India, but this blatant deception undermines all the work they do.

The first class that they should take is:

Nonprofit   101: Do Not Deceive


shahpriyaAbout the author:

Priya is a social media enthusiast who works in the Bay area. You can connect with her on twitter @shahpriya.

Twitter Partners With Visa and NFL for Super Bowl XLV

Super Bowl XIV is less then two weeks away and it is definitely going to be a very exciting game, except for me because my favorite team New York Jets couldn’t make it to the Super Bowl two years in a row.

Super Bowl XLV

Nevertheless, the Super Bowl XLV game between Pittsburg Steelers and Green Bay Packers is definitely going to be a blast. Though you can follow all the updates on your TV and also on NFL.com, it would be more interesting to share insights with your friends too. To help you out with enjoying the Super Bowl XLV game with friends, is partnering with Visa and NFL to bring you closer to the conversations around the game.

Starting this morning, fans can visit www.nfl.com/visa to Go Inside Super Bowl XLV With Visa,a one-stop shop where they can experience Super Bowl XLV in real-time and see interesting Tweets from players, media, NFL personnel, fans and more.

Twitter also claims to have about one-third of all the players who were part of the playoffs this year. You can find and follow most of the NFL players at https://twitter.com/#!/twitter/nfl-playoffs. You can also follow the Steelers team at @steelers and Packers team @packers on Twitter.

According to Twitter, during last years Super Bowl, 40% of the tweets were related to the game while it was in progress and almost 50% were related to it after the game was over. Last year also saw a lot of tweets for the FIFA World Cup 2010. So will this year be any different? Let’s hope and see.

Right now there are no official hashtags for Super Bowl XLV, but it might be #superbowl or #superbowlxlv or even #SB45. Have fun following the Super Bowl XLV with your friends on Twitter.

Facebook’s "Instant Personalization" Automatically Shares Your Data With Other Websites Without Your Consent

Oh my dear , why do though take decisions for me? You make HTTPS opt-in, but want me to opt-out when it comes to sharing my data with third party websites, and you say that you adhere to privacy standards?

Disable Facebook Instant Personalization

If you have had issues with Facebook’s privacy settings, here is something which will irk you even more. Facebook has a new privacy setting in place called "Instant Personalization" which basically gives your data to other websites without your consent. When I say without your consent, it means that you have to opt-out of this feature to stop sharing your data with other websites.

I find this really ridiculous because on one hand Facebook makes security features opt-in and on the other hand they feel that it is fine to share your personal data with other websites without your explicit consent.

If you don’t want to share your data with third-party websites, go to Account -> Privacy Settings and click on "Edit your settings" under the "Apps and Websites" item at the bottom left of the screen. On this page, click the "Edit Settings" button next to the item "Instant personalization" and uncheck the checkbox next to "Enable instant personalization on partner websites."

The feature was launched last year in April, but is now being gradually pushed out to all users. This is the first time I saw this option in my privacy settings and I was surprised that it is enabled by default. You can learn more about how your data is shared and whether you really want this feature to be enabled by default at http://www.facebook.com/instantpersonalization/.

Old Spice Man Is Back [Videos]

Remember the Old Spice Man? The social media coup by Old Spice where the advertisements went viral? If not, then check out this Wikipedia page first or watch all previous Old Spice Man videos.

Old Spice Guy

However, the very viral Old Spice Man is back now with a new video that has been uploaded to . The videos made the term "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" famous and was also one of the biggest viral advertising campaign created and promoted through social networking.

After the huge success last year, the Old Spice Guy went out of the picture, but it looks like he is back now with a new video on YouTube titled "Old Spice | I’m Back". Well just like always, the Old Spice Guy is targeting his message to "The Ladies". He also goes on to say that he is back because they have created a new set of advertisements which will show a man how to smell well.

All I can say is "Welcome back, Old Spice Man". Watch the video of his return below, or click here if you can’t see it.