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Facebook Blocks Twitter’s Attempt At Gaining You More Friends

Earlier today,  announced on their blog that users could now add their friends to their Twitter list using the Twitter app for Facebook. However, with some time of the announcement live Facebook disabled access to the Friend list, in the process breaking Twitter’s brand new feature.


According to TechCrunch, the block could have been intentional and it was definitely intentional, which was also confirmed by an update on the Twitter blog post:

UPDATE: The Facebook app cannot currently access your Facebook friend list. We believe this is an issue on Facebook’s end.

So Facebook is now blocking access to your address book intentionally even if they allow certain apps to use the same information? Let the social networking wars begin.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

Destroy Twitter 2.0 Released – Quick Review

Destroy Twitter, the popular Twitter client, has been updated to v2.0. Unlike some of the Twitter clients, Destroy Twitter doesn’t try to include the entire kitchen sink. Instead it limits itself to Twitter and its central features. DT’s focused and refined user experience is largely responsible for all the accolades and fan following it has managed to garner.

The major new features introduced in DT 2.0 are:

Complete Window Resizing: You can now resize your window as you please. Go full screen if you want an immersive Twitter experience or stay in the windowed mode and expose only what you require.

Retooled Preferences: Now you don’t need to open Preferences for every little thing. You can change stuff like URL shortening services or canvas refresh rates on the fly, from the main interface itself. But, even with these modifications, it’s highly recommend that you visit the Preferences tab at least once, since it contains many new options.

Filters: Rules have been one of the strong points of DT. In version 2.0 they have been rechristened as Filters and are more powerful than ever before. They have their own drawer and are accessible directly from the main interface. Tweets can be filtered on the basis of keywords, users and sources. For example, if you hate being flooded with pointless FourSquare check-ins, you can easily hide them with DT.

More: Destroy Twitter contains lots of other nifty little undocumented features including multi-touch navigation.


Techie Buzz Verdict

The Destroy Twitter user interface is polished and a joy to use. If aesthetics are important to you then DT is for you. While it might not be feature packed enough to please some of the pro users, it feels a lot lighter than TweetDeck and is competent enough to satisfy a large section of Twitter users.

This version doesn’t have some popular features like multiple account support, Twitter Lists and themes. While themes aren’t very important to me, Twitter lists are. The absence of it makes Destroy Twitter 2.0 a no go for me. If you are like me, you may want to continue using Destroy Twitter 1.7 for now. The aforementioned features are slated to make a comeback in Destroy Twitter 2.1. If the lack of these features doesn’t bother you, then go ahead and give the new release a whirl.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

[ Download Destroy Twitter ]
(Requires Adobe AIR 2.0)

Twitter Starts "Promoted" Trending Topics With Toy Story 3

A few days ago we told you how was going to offer “Sponsored” Tending Topics and it looks like they have started to roll out the changes today. If you visit Twitter right now you will see a new Trending topic for “Toy Story 3″ with a distinction that it is being Promoted as shown in the image below.

Twitter Sponsored Trending Topics

TechCrunch is reporting that Disney Pixar, who are the creators of Toy Story 3 might be the first buyer into Twitter’s sponsored trending topics and are also promoting a tweet when one clicks through the trending topic (see screenshot below)

Twitter Promoted Tweets

Twitter, who were once questioned as to how they would make money are now turning the corner and making money through the service. It would be interesting to see whether Twitter bumps the promoted trending topics higher for higher payments or lets it stay where it is.

Are you seeing other Promoted trending topics on twitter?

Facebook Comments Get "Like" Too

If you have been a user, you might know that Facebook has had a "Like" and comment option for news feed stories since quite sometime now. However, they have now decided to give users the ability to also "Like" comments too.


The new comments Like feature will allow users to well "Like" the comment on any posts, unlike earlier, where a users could only "Like" the entire post itself. Whenever a user likes your comment you will receive a notification about it just like the regular "Like" feature.

So do you really like this new Like feature? More at the Facebook blog.

Twitter Launches Special FIFA World Cup Mini Site

With just a few hours remaining for the kick-off of FIFA World Cup 2010, football (soccer) frenzy across the world is reaching its fever pitch. Not satisfied with just adding a World Cup theme, Twitter has launched a whole new mini-site to track the World Cup frenzy.

“Using live widgets, real-time search, and Top Tweets (updates that are currently catching the attention of many Twitter users) we’ve put together a special site to capture the spirit of the World Cup and it’s already pulsing with activity”, announced Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter.


The World Cup mini-site displays top tweets, as well as a schedule of upcoming matches. Clicking on any of the match links will take you to a new page displaying tweets from fans of both countries. In order to identify supporters of a particular country twitter is relying on hashtags (or hashflags) like #arg, #bra, #eng, #esp, #fra, #ger and #ita. Unfortunately, at the moment the match streams are being dominated by spammers.

A Woman Finds Her Kidnapped Kids Via Facebook

A woman from south California, whose kids were kidnapped 15 years ago by her husband, has finally tracked her kids via Facebook.

Faustino Utrera, the father of two kids is put behind bars by the district police and the kids are now with their mother.

According to a report from KCCI, Faustino vanished with the two kids – a small boy and a baby girl on 1995. The kids were 2 and 3 years old respectively and they barely knew whats happening. The mother reported the issue to the local police but nothing happened for 15 years.

The mother searched everywhere for her kids but sadly she never got any clue where her kids were taken by his husband, Faustino.

Meanwhile, social networking emerged as a powerful way of communication and finding your old friends. The mother thought she should try Facebook, thus searched for her daughters profile and hit “Find”.

That’s it, she found her daughter’s profile, added her as a friend and started chatting and exchanging messages. After some days, the mother sent the teenager a family photo but this didn’t worked. “I am not interested in a relationship. I have a happy life, leave me alone”, said the daughter.

This was quite normal, because the girl was never attached with her mom and why should she believe in a strangers words?

Out of confusion, the girl deleted her Facebook profile. The mother contacted the police and investigating authorities, they tracked the Facebook profile and eventually found the family in Orlando, Fla

Faustino Utrera, the father was charged for kidnaping his own kids and taken under custody.

“There is no relationship there,” said Carrie Hoeppner of the Florida Department of Children & Families. “You don’t have that immediate joyful reunification. If in fact that is what will progress, it will take time. These children will have to build a relationship, and that is something that will not happen overnight.”

via Msnbc

Look Who is on Facebook! George W. Bush

George W. Bush, the well-known 43rd president of the US has finally decided to check out what “the Face Book” is all about, given his earlier comment on the Internet was that he liked to “use the Google”.

He used Google maps to look at aerial maps of his ranch though now, he will probably plan on making some friends to invite to that ranch. Facebook, as he might have heard, is the best place for that.

The page in question is not an actual account. It is rather a fan page, but hey! That still puts him “on Facebook”. If you visit the Facebook fan page, you will see updates like,

Since leaving office, President Bush has remained active. He has visited 20 states and 8 countries; given over 65 speeches; launched the George W. Bush Presidential Center; participated in 4 policy conferences through The Bush Institute; finished the first draft of his memoir, Decision Points; and partnered with Pres…

The sidebar also shows links to a Clinton Bush Haiti Fund which has already raised $20 and another link to the pre-order Decision Points, the book George Bush has been working on.

At times when a small fraction of people are busy motivating others to leave Facebook, the ex-president appearing on Facebook will help Facebook gain some positive karma.


Is "Quit Facebook Day" A Big Failure?

has been enthralled in a lot of controversies lately along with facing a lot of fake warnings and phishing attacks which are increasing day by day. In addition to that, there have also been uproars about privacy on Facebook, remember Open Book.

To mark protest against these issues, Monday is officially marked as a "Quit Facebook Day" where users plan to delete their accounts and leave Facebook altogether.

However, not many people have seemed to have liked the idea of quitting Facebook, and out of the 500 million users Facebook has, only 31527 have committed to delete their Facebook accounts.

That number is definitely paltry considering the amount of users Facebook have and goes out to show that the campaign in itself may not be a success. Lately, Facebook has tried to pacify users by rolling out new privacy options. However, users are still irked, that they have to opt-out of the options rather than having to opt-in.

The "Quit Facebook Day" basically also has the same problem and they are mostly made up of users who are sick of Facebook’s way of handling user data. Rest aside, though the cause in itself may seem valid, people are still not buying into it.

So are you going to delete your Facebook account and join the moment? More information about this can be found at the official site

Fake Warnings and Hoaxes on Facebook – Are You Smart Enough to Avoid Them?

joker Every time I hear about a new scam or hoax on Facebook, I have to wonder how people can fall for these. Don’t be fooled, a few minutes of research can save you some embarrassment. Here’s an example of one of the hoaxes that’s been going around.

Fox 4 news reported… ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not join the group that runs currently on facebook with the title “becoming a father or mother was the greatest gift of my life” This is a group created by pedophiles whose aim is to access your photos!!!!!!!…!!!!! Please rotate …this post to all Your Friends on Facebook xx

In truth, there were no groups started by pedophiles. It was all a big hoax, but it got passed along in Facebook and email so often that it took on a life of it’s own. Originally, there were no groups with that name or a similar name, but some other pranksters created similar groups, just to see how much trouble they could start. It even got to the point where people were creating groups to protest the original (hoax) groups. I was tempted to laugh when I read about this hoax, but I’m also sad that there are so many people ready and willing to post stuff like this in their Facebook page or email.

Read the truth about the Pedophile Group Hoax

Here’s another one – would you pass on this picture and description?

Whale swallows man in kayak


Find out the truth behind this photo.

I found out about these hoaxes from an old friend of mine, Brett Christensen. He runs a website, newsletter and Facebook page that reveals the truth and the lies behind many of the rumors, hoaxes and scams you see in email and Facebook.

If you don’t want to be fooled, it only takes a minute or two in a search engine to find the truth. I recommend going to three different sites to perform a quick search before you pass on the next fantastic message you get.

Search Hoax-Slayer


I also recommend signing up for the email newsletters from Hoax-Slayer and Snopes.

Hoax-Slayer newsletter (monthly)

Snopes newsletter (weekly)

In case you want up to date info, here’s the Facebook page for Hoax-Slayer that Brett maintains. Just post a question on his wall and he’ll probably answer back with all the facts he can find.

It’s not a sin to be fooled by an email or Facebook post. However, you won’t be gaining any friends and credibility by passing on stupid rumors and hoaxes. Take the time to check them out.

I’ve never been fooled by a hoax or a scam in Facebook (or email), have you?

Facebook News Feed Now Available In Yahoo Mail

The Yahoo team has been integrating with for sometime now, with the availability of Facebook contacts in Yahoo and more. To take the integration a step further, the Yahoo Mail team announced the integration of Facebook feed in Yahoo Mail.

Facebook Feed in Yahoo Mail

Facebook Feed will be available as part of your contact updates and can be viewed whenever you login to your Yahoo Mail account. Facebook activity from your friends will now appear in your Updates section, alongside your friends’ activity on Yahoo!, Twitter, Flickr and so on.

In addition to being able to view Facebook updates, users will also be able to comment or like a news feed item without having to leave Yahoo Mail, those comments will also be reflected on Facebook.

To view Facebook Feed in your Yahoo Mail account, you will need to link your Facebook account to Yahoo, instructions for the same can be found on this page. For more information and details visit the Yahoo Mail Blog.

Facebook’s New Simplified Privacy Settings in a Nutshell

Over the past few weeks Facebook has been under fire from all corners for its sloppy privacy policies. Of course, this isn’t something new to Facebook. In the past Facebook has been slammed by privacy advocates for various missteps like the Beacon. The latest outburst was prompted by the introduction of Facebook Open Graph.

During a press event held at its headquarters, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new simplified privacy controls for Facebook. One of the troubles with Facebook has been that its granular privacy controls are too complicated for most users. Facebook is hoping that the new privacy controls will alleviate this issue.


The announced privacy settings overhaul is quite significant. To begin with, you will now have access to a single control to change settings for all content and its visibility on the site. According to Zuckerberg, there will be less publicly available information and more privacy control for connections. You can once again keep your friend list as well as subscriptions private.


Moreover, Facebook will now differentiate between “basic directory information” and other information included in your profile. The basic directory information will be public by default, so that other people can find you.


Facebook is also making it easy to opt out of instant personalization. It will offer a single checkbox to prevent external sites from harvesting your private information. You can even opt out of the entire Facebook platform (applications and extensions).

While these new privacy controls will perhaps help in quelling the growing sentiment of discontent towards Facebook, the main cause for controversy still remains unaddressed. Instant Personalization is still enabled by default. In fact, almost all Facebook privacy controversies have been triggered due to its insistence on making new features opt-out rather than opt-in by default.

Unfortunately, this won’t be changing anytime soon. Zuckerberg indicated that he believes that Facebook’s privacy model is complete and ruled out any further substantial changes in the near future. The simplified privacy controls will be rolled out at over the new few days.

Screenshots via TechCrunch and video via Robert Scoble

How to Enlarge Facebook Photos in Firefox and Google Chrome For Quick Viewing

There is one problem with viewing Facebook photos or albums – you have to repeatedly click on the profile or album links, open the album and click the photos one by one to view the full sized image.

Consider a scenario – one of your friend shared a bunch of pictures and you spot the update in your Facebook lifestream. You click the album link and go to the album page to view the photos. So far so good, but now you have to click an image to view it, hit the back button, click another image and so on.

Let’s face it – this is certainly not a productive way to view Facebook photos. And when you have lots of images in an album and you want to view only selected images, you need a better technique.

What if we can use a browser extension and load the full size of an image with just a mouse hover?

Enter Facebook Photozoom – a very useful browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome which lets you quickly view Facebook photos by a simple mouse hover. Works simple – just hover the mouse cursor on any image and the full sized version of the image loads instantly.

This is very useful when you are browsing albums containing a large number of photos. You can use the extension to view only selected images and skip those you don’t want to see.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension is very handy but there is just a little issue – you can’t save an image while hovering it. You will have to load the image separately and use “save as” from the right click context menu to save the image.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

Chatroulette Clone ChatVille Launched For Facebook By Digsby Team

The team behind Digsby the popular multi-protocol instant messenger have launched ChatVille, a brand new Facebook game that combines the best elements of Chatroulette with the gaming and viral mechanics of apps like Farmville.  We’ve had a lot of fun working on this project so we’re thrilled to finally release it into the wild.


ChatVille let’s you video chat with random Facebook users in a safe environment while earning compliments, unlocking badges, and leveling up through positive experiences with other users. You can also video chat with all your Facebook friends for the first time ever right from the Facebook website and post screenshots of your ChatVille adventures to Facebook albums.

Your interactions are tied to your Facebook account under the hood so there are actionable consequences for inappropriate behavior.  We’ve also developed a proprietary system for weeding out the bad apples quickly and permanently.

ChatVille is built completely in Google AppEngine and can be accessed by visiting

TwitweeClock: A Clock That Cuckoos For Specific Tweets

Twitter has been used in all sorts of amazing things. The latest one is a clock that cuckoo’s everytime a tweet matching your query comes in. This clock called TwitweeClock has been designed by Haroon Baig, a communication designer from Germany.

You can set the TwitweeClock to cuckoo anytime a tweet with your user name or a specific hashtag comes in. For example, in the video below Haroon demonstrates how the TwitweeClock cuckoos when any tweet carried the word TwitweeClock. It is a great tool to be used in emergencies or in situations where you are expecting a critically important tweet but cannot be around your computer or mobile phone.

Once the clock cuckoos, the incoming tweet can be read on a small screen attached to the clock. The screen can also be used to scroll through previous tweets that have come in through to TwitweeClock. Here is some other information on how Haroon put this together:

From a technical point of view the clock consists of a touch screen display with a controller board and a wifi dongle, that is distributed as an open source/ open hardware platform with a linux operating system by Chumby Industries. On the device there is a Flash Lite Player installed, a flash runtime for mobile devices from Adobe. A custom built widget for the Twitwee Clock connects to the Twitter API to receive new tweets. The mechanic of the cuckoo is controlled by the Arduino Board.

Via FlowingData

ISParade Makes a Cute Parade Animation Of Your Twitter Timeline

There are hundreds of tools that let you view your Twitter timeline and do all sorts of fancy things on Twitter. ISParade, however, is the most fun app to view Twitter. Instead of showing your friends and their tweets as text, everything is converted into a very cute animation parade with some really up beat background music.

To start, just enter a Twitter username or a keyword and ISParade will convert those tweets and their users into a marching band parade. Each user is represented by an animated guy with profile picture as his head and the tweet popping up as a bubble. Just sit back and enjoy the show! You can turn off the music anytime pr even take a screen capture for your blog or mobile phone with the built-in photo capture tool.

It is undoubtedly one of the coolest Twitter apps around.

[Via Digital inspiration]