Google+ Open For Everyone With a Google Account

For the past week or so you might have heard a lot about , it was launched on 28th June and opened for invites shortly thereafter.  However, for over a week, Google stopped accepting new users and also denied existing users from inviting new ones.

Google Plus Open For Everyone

If you have been mystified with Google’s new take at social networking, here is some Google news. Google+ is now officially open to anyone with a Google account. All you have to do is to go to and Sign in with your account and you will be in. Existing and new users will also be able to invite anyone they want to join the service. So no need to ask anyone for invites anymore and also can finally get rid of those spammy Google+ invites.

By the way, we have been using Google+ for over a week and you might want to read through our series of articles which will be helpful to you when it comes to using and understanding Google+.

Have fun with Google+.

Update: Looks like there is some glitch, but the signups have definitely opened up and so have the invites. Please sign in in next few hours to get in. This is very much apparent because earlier Google did not allow users to Sign In, also invites are definitely back on.

Google Plus After One Week: Can it Challenge Facebook? [Editorial]

It’s been just over a week since Google Plus was unveiled to the world. Google’s big new announcement wasn’t exactly a surprise, but the beauty and elegance of the product caught many off guard. The Google Plus launch will probably go down as a turning point in Google’s history. This will probably be the do or die moment for Google, as far its social media aspirations are concerned. Facebook has already established itself as the undisputed leader among social networks, and is currently well on its way to weaving itself into the very fabric of the interwebs. If Google fails now, it might not get the opportunity to fight another day. So it’s only but natural that the Google Plus launch caught the imagination of tech enthusiasts around the globe. The questions on everyone’s mind were Does Google ‘get social’? Can it finally succeed in challenging Facebook?


As expected from any major product launch, Google+ attracted everything from ebullient praises to utter disdain. I have been using Google Plus enthusiastically for the exactly a week now. In his initial review, my colleague Tony Price hailed Google Plus as one of the most amazing products he has ever seen. While my reactions are slightly more restrained, I am also amongst the hordes of geeks that Google Plus has succeeded in winning over. While the enthusiastic reception from early adopters is a positive sign, it doesn’t automatically imply mainstream success. Google is concerned by the growing influence of Facebook because through its ‘Like’ buttons Facebook is able to gather accurate personal data such as which movies you like, which movies your friends like, and which movie you might enjoy watching. Google is desperate to gain a foothold in the social web, because it can help them make sense of the semantic web, while supplying a treasure trove of additional data. However, in order to do this, Google Plus needs to achieve critical mass. Make no mistake, anything but large scale adoption will mean failure for Google+.

Start Using Facebook Video Calling Right Now

Earlier today, announced a new feature to their site which involved video-calling and group chat in collaboration with Skype. This new feature involved giving current Facebook chat users the ability to video call their friends.

If you are someone who are not sure how to use this feature, here is a simple step-through on getting that done.

Step 1: Head over to

Step 2: Click on the "Get Started" button on this page.

Facebook Video Calling

Step 3: Now click on the name of contact you want to chat with and then click on the Video calling icon in the chat window.

Step 4: You will be prompted to download a plugin for your browser. This is only a one-time process, so you will be able to video chat in the future without having to install this plugin again. According to reports this does not work yet on and on Linux based operating systems. I tested this with and it worked perfectly fine.

Facebook Video Calling Error

That’s it, you will now be able to video call and group chat with your friends using Facebook. Video calling however is only limited to one person at this time.

Right now the Facebook video calling is very buggy and you might see messages as seen in the screenshot above. However, the quality of the call is excellent if you are able to call someone that is.

Facebook Announces New Group Chat, Buddy Lists, and Video Calling

In what Mark Zuckerberg called the start to “Launching Season 2011″, Facebook has announced that they are launching a number of products over the coming months. Zuckerberg said that the goal of Social Networking has shifted from connecting people to building apps for people to use. He claimed that the future of internet use is based on social infrastructure.

During his announcement, Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook has reached 750 million users. At the same time, he emphasized that this is not the metric that Facebook wants to watch. Their goal now is to improve the way that people share.

To that end, Facebook is launching a handful of new products today. The first major announcement was a new form group chat. If you use Facebook groups, then you know you can already chat with whole groups. You can create an ad-hoc group by adding more than one Facebook friend in the Facebook chat interface. They claim that ‘a lot of people requested’ this service.

The next feature announced was the ability to find people to chat with easier. Given that you have the available screen space, you can now see a ‘buddy list’ of Facebook friends. This will allow you more easily find the people you want to chat with. The new sidebar will adjust to fit the size of your screen.

The last announcement was Skype integration. This was rumored to be the most likely announcement, and it came true. If you want to initiate a Video chat on Facebook, you simply click the video call button in your Facebook chat window. If the person who you are trying to call doesn’t have the plugin installed, they will be automatically prompted to do so. There is also a video call button on profile pages.

All three of these features will be rolling out automatically over the next few weeks. If you don’t want to wait for these products, you can get it now.


Twitter Acquires Social Analytics Start-up BackType

BackType announced on it’s blog that it has been acquired by Twitter sometime back. BackType is a small social analytics start-up that aims to help brands and companies understand the business impact of social media, analyze the effectiveness and the value of engagement on Twitter.

We’re thrilled to announce that BackType has been acquired by Twitter! We’ll be bringing our team and technology to Twitter’s platform team, where our focus will be developing tools for Twitter’s publisher partners.

The financial details of the acquisition weren’t disclosed.

Twitter Acquires BackType

BackType offers real-time search for mentions of certain terms on Twitter. It has analyzed over 50 billion tweets, 10 billion links and more than 200 million Twitter accounts. BackType Team stated that by joining with Twitter, it will added insight to tens of millions of publishers around the world who communicate and connect with audience on Twitter.

BackType did offer some amazing technologies initially. They had developed a technology that had the ability to track a person’s comments posted on blogs all over the web. Entering the blog’s URL would give you an RSS feed of all the comments posted around the blogosphere.

BackType’s product BackTweets helps publishers understand the reach of tweets and content and how Tweets convert to potential traffic. Since the acquisition, BackTweets will now be offered to current users for free. However, BackType has closed new registrations for BackTweets and will discontinue the product and API services.

Twitter, on the other hand, might use BackType’s technology to help advertisers track the effectiveness and the value of engagement of Promoted Tweets.

Dad Caught Her In Front Of Web Cam MUST-SEE – Facebook Scam

Few days earlier, one of the most inane and violent scam – Brother Rapes and Kills His Sister Shocking Video broke out on Facebook. Today a new scam was reported to be spreading rapidly on Facebook. The Facebook scam titled – Dad Caught Her In Front Of Web Cam MUST-SEE claims to show a video of a girl caught by her dad while stripping in front of a webcam.

Dad Caught Her In Front Of Web Cam MUST-SEE

There are different versions of this scam with different titles and descriptions, but all come with the same thumbnail. The other versions title and description reads –

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Busted!! Dad Catches Daughter on Webcam!
Do not watch unless 18+
Content is graphic. Watch at your own risk!

Father catching his daughter stripped on webcam [Video]
xD probabÉ©y not fαke, I reá´„kon he camе in at ϳust the гight á´›ime аfter thinĸing ‘Ñ‚his musiс is too lᴏud’

Dad Caught Her In Front Of Web Cam MUST-SEE

Dad cauƍht her in front of web cam .AVI there’s a lonƍer νersion on anotheг Ñ•ite. watch it to be convincеd it’s not Å¿ake.

The scam may ask you to download an AVI video file. This is a virus and not a video file. DO NOT attempt to download the file.

Dad Caught Her In Front Of Web Cam MUST-SEE

When you click the link provided in the scam message, it will hijack your Facebook account by automatically posting the scam message on your Facebook wall and “liking” it. If you come across this scam message, please delete/remove the scam from your Facebook news feed immediately. Alternately, you can report the scam to Facebook Security.

Here’s an article  about  Avoiding Facebook Likejacking and Clickjacking scams.  We have also complied a list of  Actively Spreading Scams on Facebook for you to look through and avoid.

P.S. Thanks  Sathya for reporting this.

Bring Facebook Like Looks to Google Plus and Bring Google Plus Features on Facebook

Google Plus is undeniably the hottest social network this week. It has registered an overwhelming response from people all over the world. Facebook might be the most populous social network currently but I see no reason why it would not lose that title soon. We have done a complete coverage of Google Plus. Invites are not working at present, but you can always make use of these Google Plus tips to enhance your experience.

The battle for the social space is clearly between Google and Facebook now, and this ensures that both these companies will continue to improve their products briskly. However, the process of switching social networks can be an annoyance when some friends do not migrate over to the other network. Here is a little something you can do about it until they do migrate eventually.

Use Google Plus like Circles on Facebook

If you have some stubborn friends who just won’t move over to Google Plus from Facebook, and some other unfortunate ones who did not get a chance when invites were open, you have an option. There is a way you can use Google Circles in Facebook (courtesy of a few Facebook engineers). Head over to Circlehack and connect with your Facebook account. Once there, you can create circles (very similar to) the way you do on Google Plus. These circles are actually lists in Facebook and the exact procedure is outlined here. Creating circles is the only fascinating thing about this hack. It does not convert into an enriched Facebook experience in any way though.

What you should watch out for is the big feature Facebook will announce next week.


Use the Facebook theme on Google Plus

I am not sure why someone would want to do this but just for the heads up, yeah it can be done and here is how you can do it.

The first step is to install stylish for you browser. Next, go to this page for the Google+ Facebook uesrstyle. Reload your Google Plus page  and you will see a Google Plus with the blue looks of Facebook.


From most of the feedback and user reactions, I can say Google Plus has what it takes for domination in the social networking space. It will definitely get better with slight more polishing. What is left to be seen is whether users migrating over from other competing social networks find it usable enough or it falls flat on its face like Google Wave.

Facebook Updates the Facebook Comments Box Plugin, Adds Features and More Control

The Facebook nemesis is already here and it’s called Google Plus. If you didn’t catch a glimpse of Google Plus yet, I suggest you read on. Of course, you will need invites before starting out, so  we are giving out invites and helping you  set up your account too. However, I won’t talk about Google Plus in this post. In the midst of all the Google Plus hoopla, Facebook has announced two important updates to its Comments plugin that is in use at over 300,000 blogs and websites.

The first update comes as a “Reverse Chronological” sorting of comments. As is obvious from the name, it will sort comments starting with the latest ones at the top. This is a nifty feature. When the courses of discussion in comments steer in other directions, you can get a hang of the topic by reordering comments upside down. Long story short, this will help you get to the latest comments by timeline.

How to View the Last Comment in Facebook Comments Plugin?

In order to view the last comment, you will need to reorder comments as shown in the screenshot below. Click on the down arrow beside the comment count and select the “reverse Chronological” option.


Another addition to Facebook comments is the “boost comments” option, which is available for webmasters only. With this feature, webmasters can push comments higher up so they are always visible to new commentators. This makes those comments sticky and allows webmasters more control over Facebook comments, which is a welcome change.

Many webmasters still loath Facebook comments for obvious reasons. However,  Justin Osofsky, the Director of Media Partnerships at Facebook has clarified,

Many partners have reported significant increases in referral traffic and engagement.

Can that be a good enough reason to use Facebook comments on your website or blog? Will you start using Facebook Comments on your blog, now that it has new features?

Google Offers Virtually Unlimited Storage on Picasa Web Albums for Google+ Users

Google-PlusOne of the many awesome features of Google+ is that its Android app automatically and instantly uploads any new picture or video that you capture. Google rightly points out that “taking photos is fun, sharing photos is fun, but getting photos off your phone and on to the web is pretty much the opposite of fun”. Now Google+ takes over the responsibility of uploading media for Android devices. Earlier Microsoft and Apple had announced similar features for Windows Phone and iOS.

Google Plus is tightly integrated with Picasa Web Albums, and it leverages Picasa for all media uploads. Unfortunately, Picasa offers only 1 GB of storage for free, and has a tiered pricing plan for folks requiring more. One major concern among Google+ early adopters was that they were going to run out of space sooner or later. Obviously, 1 GB is nowhere near enough for most users. These days, even smartphones are capable of capturing HD Videos that alone can gobble up gigabytes of storage. Thankfully, Google has realized this, and has decided to offer virtually unlimited storage on Picasa to Google+ users.

Hawk eyed readers might be wondering exactly what “virtually unlimited” storage is supposed to mean. Well, Google isn’t exactly offering unlimited storage on Picasa. It is still offering 1 GB only for free users. However, photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won’t count towards that storage quota for Google+ users. Even better, the Google+ mobile application automatically resizes your photos to 2048 pixels (on their longest edge) to ensure that your uploads don’t count towards the storage quota. If you don’t use Google+, then the maximum resolution permitted is 800 x 800. You can still upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long. Once you exceed your storage quota, Google will automatically resize all new uploads, unless you upgrade to a higher storage plan.

Google+ Banned in China

Google-PlusIt’s been barely two days since Google Plus was unveiled, but China has already decided that it has seen and heard enough. Even before most Chinese people have had the chance to get their hands on a Google+ invite, the Chinese Government has banned the Google’s new social network.

Google’s troubles with the Chinese Government are well known and documented. Last year, Google pulled out of China, after a very public war of words with the government. Google alleged that elements with the probable backing of the government had hacked into its services to access data belonging to human rights activists. It’s not clear exactly which aspect of Google Plus aggravated the Chinese, but both Great Firewall of China and Just Ping are confirming that Google Plus is inaccessible inside China.

Google Plus is a new social network that was recently unveiled, and has since been dubbed as a potential “Facebook Killer” by pundits. It attempts to offer the best blend of openness and privacy through its strong focus on Circles (groups). If you have just received an invite, don’t forget to check out our Google+ setup guide. If you are still waiting for an invite, take a look at our screenshot tour. Due to excessive demand, Google has stopped handing out any more invites, but you can drop your mail in the queue to be notified as and when more invites become available.