Facebook Testing Pinterest-like Layout for App Contents

If we are go by some of the recent reports, Pinterest-like layout are coming to Facebook. According the social media blog InsideFacebook, Facebook seems to be testing a new layout for its Open Graph app stories, which appears to look like Pinterest’s layout, with boxes featuring a picture for each item that the user has “liked,” or commented, using Facebook apps.

Content generated by apps will be more noticeable than before, with the help of the new layout. It gives users the ability to comment, or “like” app contents right from their News Feed. Often apps are considered to generate spam updates. However, with the new layout, Facebook is looking forward to change the thinking of users, and eventually help build conversations on app contents.

Like the current methodology, clicking on a photo will take the user to the third-party app page or website, with specific details about the photo. For instance, when a user clicks on a photo that is updated by the Foodspotting app, he will be taken to the Foodspotting website where details on that particular dish can be checked,, including the restaurant address, map location, and the number of people who have “loved” it.

Facebook Testing Pinterest-like Layout

According to InsideFacebook, when users hovers the cursor over a photo in the new layout, a small window opens up, with an option to comment on the item. Also on hover, users can take in-app actions without leaving Facebook if the app has created custom action links.

Currently, the layout is in its testing phase and is available only to a few Facebook users. We’re not sure if this layout is here to stay permanently. Also, the layout appears to be only tested on those application that are heavily based on photos.

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Dear Marissa Mayer, the Flickr Community Has a Request for You

Update: Flickr responds to its users in a similar fashion. Here’s what you will find at flickr.com/dearinternet:


flickr.com/jobs ♥

Flickr #dearinternet

Flickr Response


In a surprising move, Yahoo appointed Marissa Mayer as the next President and CEO of the company, who was previously working for Google for the past 13 years and supervised many of well-known Google products.

Yahoo has had a rough history and has been looking for the right leader since the last four years. The company has great expectations from the newly appointed CEO and hopes to regain its lost reputation under her administration.

One of Yahoo’s popular tools is the photo sharing site — Flickr. Flickr was created by Ludicorp in 2004, and was acquired by Yahoo in 2005. Back then, Yahoo and Google were competing for the top position in the search engine market, and were offering new services to its users. In 2011, Yahoo reported that Flickr had over 51 million registered users with 80 million unique visitors, and was hosting nearly 6 billion photos from users across the globe. Flickr was once upon a time the most happening and happiest site ever.

With a high demand for photo sharing networks, new photo sharing services started to emerge out, offering better and advanced features than Flickr. While Yahoo was going under a lot of complications, it failed to focus on Flickr and didn’t seem to have any plans to improve the photo sharing site in any way. Competitors took this as their advantage, and Flickr lost several active users to them.

Marissa Mayer - Yahoo CEO

Competitors like Tumblr, 500px, Facebook, Instagram, and several others picked up eventually, and today, what we of see Flickr is more like a barren land. Though many have switched to other service to share photos, Flickr still has one of the strongest communities out there. It is one of the best sources to learn photography and the various skills required in it. However, Yahoo hasn’t given a shit about Flickr’s community.

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In a post by Gizmodo’s Mat Honan, the main reason why Yahoo acquired Flickr was not because of the strong community it had, or to increase social connections, but it was simply to generate revenue. This is where Yahoo made a big mistake and took Flickr for granted. And today, there result you see is the same as what many analysts expected to happen.

Yahoo has been neglecting Flickr for several years now, despite that, Flickr’s highly talented developers are trying hard to set things right and get Flickr back on track.

Today, the entire Internet is hoping for great changes from the new CEO, Marissa Mayer. A community has created a request website called dearmarissamayer.com highlighting a simple, yet important message on the site — “Dear Marissa Mayer, please make Flickr awesome again ♥ the internet #dearmarissamayer

Dear Marissa Mayer, please make Flickr awesome again

Flickr was one of the best photo sharing site with a vibrant user base. Indeed, it was one of the happiest sites until new photo sharing sites evolved. It will be interesting to see how Marissa is going to change things around her. I hope she considers Flickr as one the most important assets of Yahoo, and bring back the awesomeness of sharing photos on Flickr. Yes, there are hundreds and thousands of users who are eagerly waiting to get back to Flickr. I hope Marissa is listening.

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer Self Proclaims As Pregnant

Marissa Mayer Self Proclaims Pregnant

Yahoo is a hot topic since yesterday. Marissa Mayer was announced CEO, a piece of news which spread like wildfire and gave birth to plenty of debate regarding the decision. Amidst all this, Mayer did not take long to steal the headlines. She has announced that she is pregnant and will give birth to a boy in three months time. After speaking with CNN Fortune, Mayer provides a date on which the delivery is due – October 7, 2012.

Marissa has been married to Zachary Bogue for 7 years who has a judicial background. Bogue is not much of a law practitioner. Instead, he has invested in something called “big data startups” with his latest investment being in an investment fund called Data Collective. Regarding the fetus, Mayer states “he is super active and moves around a lot”.

Engineer by profession, being the 20th person to be hired by Google in 1999 and only 37 years old, Marissa has had a fantastic career. She was responsible for overseeing Google Maps, Google Earth and Zagat. Fortune CNN further states that Yahoo was wary of Mayer’s pregnancy prior to her appointment. It was back in June that a meeting was held between Mayer and Michael Wolf, a member of the Yahoo board. Yahoo did not show any concern about her pregnancy and her capacity to perform her duties.

Happy days for Yahoo as they appoint a genius mind such as Mayer. Even happier days for Mayer after being appointed as CEO at Yahoo and going public with her pregnancy to ensure she remains in the spotlight. Certainly a meaningful enrichment to Mayer’s and Bogue’s personal lives.

Reinvention of the Digital Strategy: Facebook Acquires Spool Team

Spool – Mobile Social Bookmarking Tool

Successful companies have a history of making acquisitions. The act of acquiring companies by big players in the industry has its reasons associated. It is either to dilute the competition posed by a certain player or to gain access to the wonderful product/service a company (one that is acquired) possesses. Successful strategy is an investment that can either be catastrophic or may take a lifetime to reached the initial projected ROI. As doing business holds equal chances of meeting success or approaching failure, companies which have been acquiring players similar to them also have a history to be successful. However, it has costed them tons and loads of money.

Nowadays. we live in an age where digital media has revolutionized business and a simple nobody has been granted rights to come up with a breathtaking service and compete directly with a giant. There is substantial evidence to support this claim. Take the example of Google. Launching in 1997, it took a very short time to become the widely known search engine worldwide, debunking Yahoo as the market leader in search arena. The outburst of media has made companies more vigilant which keep their eyeballs open to assess competition in order to stay on top. They also exercise diverse strategies to retain a competitive advantage which is so dear to them.

Acquisition of entire companies can be a hectic process. It involves plenty of resource investment. Now, to combat the challenge of competition, Facebook has exercised a strategy that is successful, cost effective and productive in the long term. Instead of acquiring companies, Facebook has started to acquire product teams behind a successful product. Over the weekend, allthingsd.com reported that Facebook picked up the Spool team, the same team which set standards within mobile social bookmarking. Spool stated that it will be shutting down its service and will follow its vision “to make content easy to consume on a mobile device”. It is a move by Facebook to get access to the expertise of the mobile software development at Spool and cash it in its own backyard.

Facebook has been facing a hard time in the mobile sphere and is yet to come up with a strategy which allows it to excel in terms of advertising and content sharing. It is critical to Facebook as content consumption across mobile is increasing and Facebook is severely challenged to monetize this channel.

With the help of the Spool software development team, it remains to be seen if Facebook will thrive in mobile. However, what has to be acknowledged is Facebook’s strategic vision. It has devised a way to attract top-tier professionals to its premises. This is not only cost-effective with respect to acquiring entire companies but it also allows it to get the expertise of successful professionals within the field in which it operates.

Facebook Starts Rolling Out Timeline for Pages on Mobile Devices

Nearly four months after the launch of Facebook Timeline for desktop, the social networking company has now started to roll out the Timeline layout for pages to its mobile version starting this week. Timeline for user profiles was rolled out on mobile at the same when it was launched on desktop, however, Timeline for pages took a little while to arrive.

By navigating to a Facebook page from your mobile phone, you will see the big cover photo, along with the page’s profile picture, some information from the About section, and a relatively long “like” button covering the entire width of the screen. Under it are tabs with which you can view photos, people you have liked the page, Events, and so on.

The previous layout for the mobile version was quite simple in which the profile picture of the page along with the number of likes, the category to which the page belonged to, and the basic information was listed out. Also, the three buttons — Wall, Info, Photos — were placed right above the profile picture.

Here’s how the new and the old profile layouts look:

New Facebook Timeline Layout vs. Old Layout

No doubt the new Timeline layout looks elegantly neat with all the sections organized in a proper way. If you click on the Facebook Timeline Stats“likes” stats button, you will see two big numbers placed aside each other, one being the “People Talking About This” and the other, “Total Likes.”

Below that, Facebook shows some statistics about the page,  which includes the “Most Popular Week” — the week when the most/maximum people were talking about that page, “Most Popular City” — the city where most people are talking about the page, and “Most Popular Age” — the largest age group of the people talking about the page.

When Facebook started to roll out the new layout for all users, not many liked it, as they found the Timeline to be confusing and cluttered. Many tried their luck to disable the Timeline feature, however, Facebook has left no option to roll back to the old profile layout.


Photos on Facebook Replaced with Blank Boxes; Temporary Solution

UPDATE: Facebook states that, “Sometimes when we do maintenance on the site, certain photos or albums temporarily disappear. If you’re missing photos, please wait for a few hours to see if they reappear.” However, if you continue to see the blank boxes, you can report it to Facebook using this link.

There seems to be some sort of bug on Facebook where users are complaining that some of their photos in their albums have gone missing. Users are stating that the photos are replaced with blank boxes, although there is no error displayed.

The exact cause of this issue is not known, but we think that it is a bug, or there could be some technical problems with Facebook servers. However, if you’re one among many who are facing this issue, there’s a temporary solution for this. You simply need to turn off the “Secure Browsing” feature, and your photos should be back again. This is a temporary solution, and many users have confirmed that it is working and their photos are visible now.

Facebook Photos Missing

To disable Secure Browsing, navigate to your Account Settings and select the Security Tab on the left sidebar. From the first option, disable Secure Browsing. Try reloading your album page and see if the solution is working or not.

Disable Secure Browsing - Facebook

If the above solution isn’t working, then you will have to wait until the issue is fixed. Facebook is aware of this issue and is probably looking into it.

Twitter Age Screening Tool to Restrict Minors from Following Adult Bands

In partnership with Twitter, the social media analytics firm Buddy Media has released an age screening tool, specially designed for alcohol brands and marketers who want to restrict minors from viewing age-restricted content.

Such brands can make use of this age screening tool to restrict under-aged users from either following the brand, or reading any tweets. That way, it enables the advertisers and others to hide inappropriate content from minors.

When you follow a brand that is taking part in the age screening service, you will receive an automated Direct Message from that brand with a link to verify your age. After having your age verified, you can continue reading the tweets from that account, otherwise, you will be restricted.

However, there is no verification or any background check done to see if you have provided the right information. Just like every other age verification system, it entirely depends on the users’ honesty. That being said, if the brand finds out that the entered age is incorrect, which is done to bypass their age screen, the brand can completely block you and also permanently ban you from following the account in future.

Twitter Age Screening

Once you have entered your age, the system will not ask for it again. Also, Twitter continues to comply with its policy of not storing any user information. The age information that you provide will be confidentially stored by Buddy Media, who is limited to using your information exclusively for this purpose only. This also means that Buddy Media is not entitled to share the information with any advertisers.

You can go ahead and try following the below mentioned brands on Twitter, who have tested and implemented the age screening tool.

Buddy Media explained in a blog post on its site:

Over the past month, we have been beta-testing this solution with a small and select group of alcohol brands from several of the alcohol industry’s major holding companies, including Brown Forman’s Jack Daniels (@JackHoney), Jim Beam’s Skinny Girl (@SkinnygirlCKTLS), and MillerCoors’ Coors Light and Miller Lite (@CoorsLite and @MillerLite). Now, we are formally launching this solution and making it available to any marketer.

If you’re a brand who would like to use the age screening tool, you can sign up here and submit your brand for approval. Buddy Media will provide you with access to the Twitter Age Screening tool once approved.

Facebook’s New Feature Notifies You About Engagements and Weddings

Thanks to Facebook, I never miss wishing any of my close friends on their birthdays. At least that saves me from being cursed for not wishing that person on his/her birthday. With the popularity of birthday reminders, Facebook is now adding up a similar notification feature for engagements and weddings, which will notify you when your friends are getting married or engaged, so that you don’t miss congratulating the couple, or scare them about marriage life :P

Facebook has already started to roll out the new “Wedding and Celebrations” feature, which automatically notifies you based on the change in the relationship status to “engaged” or “married.” The notification will be showed on the top-right corner above the sponsored ads.

Facebook Wedding Engagements Updates

A Facebook spokesperson said that the new feature is all about sharing the important events in your life with friends:

Facebook has become a unique way people share and congratulate friends around exciting life events such as engagements and weddings or the arrival of a child. To make it easier to keep up with these momentous occasions and to ensure you can share in your friends’ joy, we are rolling out a “Weddings and Celebrations” feature. Beginning today, special events starting with engagements and weddings will be displayed along with friends’ birthdays when you log into Facebook.

When a new notification arrives, users can simply click on it and congratulate the couple without having to switch between profiles, just like the way you post a birthday wish. In addition to this, you can even send a friend request to the person your friend is getting engaged or married with.

Interestingly a lot of Facebook employees are getting married, which includes the CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, and Facebook co-founder Chris Huges wedding his boyfriend. It is also interesting to see how Facebook is focusing more on important life events. In the recent past, Facebook announced the organ donor feature that provides an ability to add your organ donor status on your Timeline, which in return may inspire others to sign up as donors as well.

Facebook has also revamped the Events feature with the new calendar and list view that highlights a list of current and upcoming events. However, the engagement and marriage events won’t be listed or added to the calendar view.

Image credits: mashable.com [via]

Facebook Redesigns Events with New Calendar, List View

Keeping track of upcoming events on Facebook is a lot easier, as the company has finally redesigned Events with the all new List view and Calendar view that is designed to highlight the upcoming events such as birthdays, parties, and suggested events.

The new Facebook Events was started and built overnight as a part of the hackathon project by Facebook developers, who were looking forward to improvise the social networking giant’s Event’s features and functionality.

“Before a recent hackathon, a few of us created a Facebook group called “Social Calendar Dreamers” to spark discussion around making Events more visual. At the next hackathon, engineers from the events, photos, messages and other teams hacked through the night to build a better way to view events. By 6 a.m., we had a prototype that worked.”

As the prototype was finalized, the engineers revealed it to Facebook, which led to the addition of new features and was then taken into consideration to implement on the site.

The improved Events for Facebook with list view and calendar view comes with some great essentials. The calendar view lets you view all your RSVPs right in one page on a set of grids, rather than the traditional way of scrolling down through each event. The design of the calendar is something similar to Google Calendar, and each day’s box is listed with the event, which can be hovered over or clicked to go through the event details.

Facebook Events Calendar View

At the top of the calendar is a list of pending events along with the buttons to access past events. You can also create an event using the “Create Event” box placed at the top. For upcoming events, you need to scroll (infinite scrolling) down, and the list is generated accordingly.

The List view provides a different look with the current and next month calendar placed on the left alongside the list of present day events and upcoming events. You can leave comments or respond to invites within the same window rather than switching between pages and windows.

Facebook Events List View

Google+ is one of the reasons why Facebook revamped Events with new features. Google+ recently unveiled the Google+ Events, which offers some great features such as the “Party Mode.”

Facebook is slowly rolling out this feature to all Facebook users. You can check it out by going to your Events page on Facebook and then clicking the “Calendar” tab on the top left side of the screen.

Your Last Chance to Change Your Facebook Page Vanity URL

Facebook made it easier for page owners by allowing them to provide a username or vanity URL for their Facebook pages. When it was launched three years back, Facebook stated that once the page owner has set a username, it could not be changed. Facebook warned page owners and asked them to think wisely before they chose a username for their page.

However, a lot of people made mistakes while choosing an appropriate name, for which they have been regretting ever since. The only way was to delete the existing page and create a new page. However, deleting a page will not only delete the posts and updates, but also the “likes” your page has generated.

Since this was the most difficult part, many page owners requested Facebook to allow them to change the vanity URL of their Facebook fan page. Facebook has been listening to its users and has finally decided to give page owners/administrators one last chance to set things right.

Facebook, on Tuesday, made an announcement stating that Page owners can now change the vanity URLs of their page to anything they want. However, this change is allowed only once and cannot be changed again no matter what.

Change Facebook Page Vanity URL

So, if you had mistakenly chosen a wrong username for your Facebook page, here’s your chance to rectify your error, but be wise enough while making this change. To change Facebook page vanity URL, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Click on the “Edit Page” link button from the top of your Page

Step #2: From the drop-down menu, select the “Update Info” option

Step #3: Make sure you are on the “Basic Information” page. Click on “Change username” in the Username section

Step #4: Enter a new username and check for its availability. If the username you want is available, click “Confirm” to save it.

Note: Please keep in mind that you cannot change the username again after hitting the “Confirm” button.