Old Spice Man Is Back [Videos]

Old Spice Man Is Back [Videos]

Remember the Old Spice Man? The social media coup by Old Spice where the advertisements went viral? If not, then check out this Wikipedia page first or watch all previous Old Spice Man videos.

Old Spice Guy

However, the very viral Old Spice Man is back now with a new video that has been uploaded to . The videos made the term "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" famous and was also one of the biggest viral advertising campaign created and promoted through social networking.

After the huge success last year, the Old Spice Guy went out of the picture, but it looks like he is back now with a new video on YouTube titled "Old Spice | I’m Back". Well just like always, the Old Spice Guy is targeting his message to "The Ladies". He also goes on to say that he is back because they have created a new set of advertisements which will show a man how to smell well.

All I can say is "Welcome back, Old Spice Man". Watch the video of his return below, or click here if you can’t see it.

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