New Facebook Privacy Settings Are Controversial

Is Facebook really all about user’s privacy as often claimed by the Facebook team? If so, why would Facebook prompt users to make their status updates visible to the whole internet and even indexed by search engines?

This question comes after Facebook announced new privacy settings today for it’s 350 million users. You can always change your privacy settings and make your status updates visible to only friends and network, but for all the users who have ever changed their privacy settings, it would be defaulted to everyone.

Along with that, some of your profile information such as name, profile picture, current city, pages, network and friend list would be make public. This comes as a recommended setting from Facebook now but can be changed if you don’t want it to be so.

Facebook claims that these settings would provide user more control over their privacy, however, a lot of people have already started bashing these changes as awful and bad.

How do you feel about this? Are you okay with Facebook making your friend list public? At least I am not. I also don’t want the whole world to know what pages I am a fan of.

Here’s a snapshot of some comments posted by users about these new settings:

Here’s what some popular blogs and websites are saying about these new settings:

Gawker says:

Facebook begins ‘Privacy’ Con

ReadWriteWeb says:

This is not what Facebook users signed up for. It’s not about privacy at all, it’s about increasing traffic and the visibility of activity on the site.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says

EFF Doesn’t Recommend Facebook’s “Recommended” Privacy Setting.

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