Facebook Redesigns Photos With New Mosaic View

Yet again the social networking giant Facebook has announced a new look and feel for its photo layout, with a change that gives users a new photo viewing experience, and making photos appear larger and easier to interact with.

When you click on the “Photos” button link on top of your friend’s profile age, you will get the new mosaic photo view feature, which looks like this:

New Photo Layout - Facebook

The new layout it pretty neat, with photos arranged in random order. At the top, you will see the new menu comprising of three button — Photos of You, Photos, and Albums. Facebook says you can use the new menu to find the photos that you have been tagged in, pictures that you have shared, and different albums created by the user.

With all this, users on their own page can use the highlight feature to showcase their favorite photos, making it easier to show it to their friends. All you need to do is click the star button to make important photos stand out.

The new photo layout is mainly introduced to get more interaction on photos as users browse through them. Hovering over a photo will bring up the title, “like” and comment button, including the number of users who have “liked” and interacted with the photo.

Here’s the current view of the photo layout:

Facebook Albums

Facebook says that it has already started to roll out the new photo layout, and will be made available to all users soon.

Facebook has made several new changes in the recent past. We saw the newly designed Facebook Events, with the new calendar and list view. Also, the company has been testing a new design for its Timeline, in which the user information is placed on top of the cover photo.

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