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Facebook launched the new Facebook Pages last week, which has created a buzz around the web and the social network itself. Along with the launch of Timeline for brand pages, Page owners who switched to the new layout found an interesting feature on the new Timeline layout called the “Interest Lists”. The feature, however, has not been revealed by Facebook yet.

According to Social Fresh, a social education company that spotted the feature first, revealed that “Interest Lists” was available from a drop-down menu under the Cover photo in the new Timeline layout. Users who were lucky enough to try out this unrevealed feature say that they could create a new list with the “New List” button to “Start an interest list to see a special news feed of related posts.”

Although Facebook did not confirm anything about the new feature, however, a spokesperson stated that “We are constantly testing new products and features, but we have nothing more to share.”

Here’s a screen shot of Interest List that Jason Keath, founder of Social Fresh, managed to get –

Facebook Interest Lists Features

Facebook has not mentioned anything about this feature in the new Timeline tour or marketing material. Also, the company never mentioned anything about “Interest Lists” at the live FMC even in NYC last week.

Now that the feature was spotted by a few users, Facebook immediately removed it from Pages and left us all wondering what “Interest Lists” is all about.

Here’s what Jason thinks that the feature is all about –

  • It could simply be a list of brand pages, allowing users to segment pages as they currently do with friends and subscriptions. Whether lists would be able to include both user profiles and pages or if they would remain separate would be another question.
  • It could be a discovery engine. Right now, Google+ is better at discovery. But imagine if Facebook users were allowed to subscribe to certain topics, like football or baking? Perhaps users could even define these interests themselves by creating interest lists by grouping a few of their favorite pages.

We aren’t sure if Facebook plans to release this feature by allowing users to include subscriptions and friends in addition to Pages. It would rather be an inefficient feature if Facebook plans to exclude subscriptions, since both Interest Lists and Subscriptions function very similarly. However, this new feature could be yet another powerful tool for Facebook, and thus will help it maintain the long gap between its rival, Google+.

Nonetheless, do you think that the new feature will be useful enough? Let us know by adding your views below.

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