“My First Baby Birth – Video!” Facebook Scam

Yet again, Facebook users are being  tempted  to click on scam links. A new Facebook scam is  underway  that claims to show a video of a baby being born. The scam’s signature message states –  My First Baby Birth – Video! and the  describes it –  Yeahh! It happens on Live Television!

The scam message is spreading rapidly with the help of click-jacking and like-jacking. When a user clicks on the link  provided  in the scam message, the message will be  “liked” and  posted automatically on wall without the users knowledge.

The scam site is hosted on Blogspot –  babaybirthontv.blogspot.com

My First Baby Birth Video Facebook Scam

On clicking the link you will be taken to the blogspot scam page. Clicking the play button will like-jack your Facebook account and the message will be posted on your Facebook wall stating that you “like” the video  causing  your friends also to fall for this trap.

My First Baby Birth Video - Facebook Scam

Facebook scam messages are ever increasing and its quite hard to avoid them.  Scammers are quite smart as they know that creating such scam messages will tempt and increase the curiosity of users which will make them click on the links provided.

It is reported that a new Facebook app called MyPageKeeper has promised and  guaranteed to  protect users from such scams on Facebook.  MyPageKeeper will constantly  monitor your news feed, wall posts, and installed apps in order to keep your Facebook account away from scams.

Here’s an article  about  Avoiding Facebook Likejacking and Clickjacking scams.  We have also complied a list of  Actively Spreading Scams on Facebook for you to look through and avoid.

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