Most Popular Facebook Games in 2011

Social gaming has been one of the biggest trends in 2011 and it is expected to continue growing in 2012. Facebook, with over 800 million users, is the biggest social gaming platform.

In a recent 2011 National Gamers Survey conducted by Newzoo, indicates that out of 215 million gamers in the U.S., 16 percent (14 million) of them played social games on Facebook and other social networking sites. Majority of the 14 million users have definitely played games on Facebook.

Facebook has compiled a list of the most popular games played on its network in 2011. It was expected that CityVille by Zynga would top the list, but it is quite surprising to see that CityVille has been ranked third, while Gardens of Time by Playdom topped the list, followed by The Sims Social by EA in the second position.

Best (Popular) Facebook Games 2011

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Here’s the list of the most popular and best Facebook games in 2011 –

  1. Gardens of Time  (By Playdom)
  2. The Sims Social  (By EA)
  3. Cityville  (By Zynga)
  4. DoubleDown Casino  (by DoubleDown Entertainment)
  5. Indiana Jones Adventure World  (By Zynga)
  6. Words With Friends  (By Zynga)
  7. Bingo Blitz  (By Buffalo Studios)
  8. Empires & Allies  (By Zynga)
  9. Slotomania-Slot Machines  (By Playtika)
  10. Diamond Dash  (By wooga)

The list released by Facebook was compiled based on games that had 100,000 monthly active users and giving priority to those games with the highest user satisfaction scores. The games were also ranked based on the most user recommendations, which may have had an impact in the final ranking.

Facebook also released top game lists based on categories, like Casino Games, Sports Games, and Fashion Games. The top games with 50,000-100,000 users were ranked as such – Super Slot Machines  (By Davy Campano, David Livingston Kirby and Robby Campano), WestWars  (By  Innogames), and MouseHunt  (By HitGrab)

Top Fashion Games in 2011  

  1. Mall World  (By 50 Cubes)
  2. ItGirl  (By CrowdStar)
  3. Coco Girl  (By Metrogames)

You can check the rest of the rankings on Facebook’s  blog.

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