INQ Reveals the Most Influential Twitter User in the World – You May Be Surprised

INQ Mobile has published a list of most influential Twitter users to mark the launch of its ‘Chat 3G’ phone. So, who is the most influential Twitter user in the world? No, it’s not Oprah Winfrey or Ashton Kutcher or even President Obama. It’s Pete Cashmore – founder of popular internet news blog Mashable.

The list was developed by identifying five most popular tweeps across different categories and by assigning them an influence rating out of 100. The influence was measured by taking into account factors like number of tweets, number of retweets, number of times retweeted and number of mentions.

Pete Cashmore may not be a household name like P Diddy or Britney Spears, but thanks to the popularity of Mashable, he is the most influential twitterati. In fact posts on Mashable are often the most retweeted links on Twitter. The full list is provided below.

Most Influential Twitter Users (International)

For further information check out INQ’s press release.

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