Marika Fruscio Spam Spreading on Facebook

A new Facebook scam is underway and it is more enticing than earlier one’s I have seen. The scam basically is about an Italian journalist; Marika Fruscio showing her breasts on Italian TV!.

Marika Fruscio Scam

If you think that this is something you want to watch, I would advise you to say away since there is no such video and you will basically be spamming your friends by liking the page automatically and posting it to your wall.

A quick search on shows that the scam is definitely enticing because tons of people are clicking on it already. Rest assured you aren’t getting to look at any videos showing breasts, so please don’t click on it.

Avoiding such scams is not easy on Facebook, but you can always follow caution. Clif had written a nice post on How To Avoid Facebook LIfeJacking Scams, it is definitely a worthwhile read to find and spot such scams.

Update: There is apparently some video on , however, the link on Facebook is an actual scam.

21 thoughts on “Marika Fruscio Spam Spreading on Facebook”

  1. It might be a scam, but I definitely got to see a video with breasts in it when I clicked. I then removed the post it placed on my wall.

    Win win for me!

  2. I’m guessing this guy didn’t click on it cause there was def a boob vid… and no virus or anything. Didn’t even have to click like. ITs on youtube man.

  3. Either the writer clicked on the wrong link or he doesn’t know how to navigate on the internet. I just watched the video and it definitely shows it.

  4. Hey all you guys, their is a real video and also a fake one, fake one is based on the real one, so if you find that video dont click on it… This will we take you to another page saying to “download latest flash player to view it” when u click on install, it automatically likes it, and the same video gets shared in most of your friends profile….

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