Send Real Postcards with “Mail a Postcard” Facebook Feature

Facebook continues to test new features for its social networking site, as reports around the Web indicate that a new “Mail a Postcard” feature is under progress, and maybe  made available to all users in near future.

The new Mail a Postcard feature that Facebook is currently testing enables users to send real postcards to friends with any of your pictures included on it. The service is powered by Sincerely, the company behind the popular app service called Postagram that allows app users to send real greeting cards to friends and family on every special occasion. Additionally, you can include a small message in the post card along with the picture.

Facebook Mail a Postcard

Just like any other recently added Facebook features, the Mail a Postcard feature was also made possible in the hackathon project. It will be made available to a random set of Facebook users at first, and Facebook will monitor if the selected users buy any postcards. If successful, the feature will be rolled out all users on Facebook.

Of course this isn’t going to be a free service. The user will be charged a fee, but Facebook hasn’t discussed any pricing details yet. However, we expect that the price will be close to $0.99.This, on the other hand, will garner Facebook more profit through the increased interaction with photos by setting a high advertising value for ads alongside photos on the site. Additionally, Facebook will also profit from the selling of the postcards and prints.

How to Use “Mail a Postcard”?

If you’re one among the lucky limited group trail, you can go ahead and try out the new feature. Go to your photos page and select any photo. Right under the photo you are viewing, you will notice a “Mail Postcard” button. Clicking it will open the postcard screen, in which you are asked to enter the necessary fields, including the recipient’s address. After you’ve finished entering the details and selecting the appropriate payment option, click on send button. Your order will be placed and your card will go into the production process. Thereafter it will be snail mailed to the recipient.

Facebook Mail a Postcard

A Facebook spokesperson said the following regarding the new feature:

“A few months ago, some engineers built a fun feature that allows people to mail their Facebook photos as a physical postcard to any of their friends on Facebook. You can send your own photos to any of your friends or your friends’ photo to them. The front will be the photo and the back you can add a note for your friend, just like a normal postcard.”

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