Listen To Your Tweets On iPhone Using Twuner

Too busy to read all the tweets? Now you can listen to them while you are on the go using your iPhone. Twuner is a new Twitter iPhone app that converts your tweets into audio so you can listen to them whenever you want.

Twuner is not meant to replace regular iPhone Twitter clients like Tweetie, rather, the purpose is to have a utility that can increase productivity by reading you the tweets. You can pause your tweets in the middle and decide which tweets you want to listen to. You can also choose various voice options like American or British to customize your experience.

Here are some of the main features that Twuner is claimed to have:

  • Listen to either tweets from your own timeline (i.e. tweets from people you follow) or tweets by one of several preset users (some of the most popular/influential members of the Twitter community)
  • Support for multiple Twitter accounts
  • Listen to tweets mixed with your favorite music, podcasts, or audio books such that you hear your chosen audio media in between tweets
  • Choice of American English (female) & British English (male) voices with adjustable rates of speech
  • Transcript of all tweets spoken by the app (links mentioned in these tweets are “clickable”)
  • Inline web browser (so, for example, you can view the photo linked to in a tweet without having to exit the app)
  • Automatic refresh of tweets from the selected source at a user-selectable frequency (can be as often as once every 30 seconds)

Get Twuner for your iPhone here.

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