Justin Bieber Returns To Twitter’s Trending List As Fans Fight Back Against Algorithm Change

Justin Bieber Returns To Twitter’s Trending List As Fans Fight Back Against Algorithm Change

Twieber-Justin-Bieber-Twitter-TrendsJust a couple of days ago, we reported that Twitter has changed its trending topics algorithm to weed out perennial hot topics like Justin Bieber.

Twitter’s new algorithm filters out topics that are consistently popular and instead showcases only new topics that are really trending. Because of this change, Justin Bieber – a popular Canadian singer and a teen heartthrob, disappeared from Twitter’s ‘Trending’ topics list for nearly two days.

Evidently, this change didn’t go down well with fans of the 16 year old sensation. Obsessed Bieber fans have worked around the algorithmic change by making variants of the word Justin Bieber trend. Some of the topics, which have been trending in the past 24 hours, are #biebertrend, twieber and jieber.

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is becoming clear. If you are on Twitter, you just can’t ignore him. It almost appears as if his super obsessed fans have made it their motto to keep him trending.

Update: As pointed out by one of our commenters, Twieber is actually a Twitter close for Justin Bieber fans!

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  • Twieber is actually a new twitter-like social networking site that Justin's fans created BECAUSE Twitter didn't allow him to trend anymore. http://www.twieber.tk was created yesterday and got so popular that it actually made it onto the TT list.

    • Thanks for the clarification. Updated my post.

  • aizawa

    Justin Bieber fans are not the only ones upset. Something like this is currently happening to Kim Hee Chul fans too.
    Kim Hee Chul was trending from 101010-101210
    Then it become Kim Hee and now fans are trending Kim Hee Chul’s cat Heebum.