Is "Quit Facebook Day" A Big Failure?

has been enthralled in a lot of controversies lately along with facing a lot of fake warnings and phishing attacks which are increasing day by day. In addition to that, there have also been uproars about privacy on Facebook, remember Open Book.

To mark protest against these issues, Monday is officially marked as a "Quit Facebook Day" where users plan to delete their accounts and leave Facebook altogether.

However, not many people have seemed to have liked the idea of quitting Facebook, and out of the 500 million users Facebook has, only 31527 have committed to delete their Facebook accounts.

That number is definitely paltry considering the amount of users Facebook have and goes out to show that the campaign in itself may not be a success. Lately, Facebook has tried to pacify users by rolling out new privacy options. However, users are still irked, that they have to opt-out of the options rather than having to opt-in.

The "Quit Facebook Day" basically also has the same problem and they are mostly made up of users who are sick of Facebook’s way of handling user data. Rest aside, though the cause in itself may seem valid, people are still not buying into it.

So are you going to delete your Facebook account and join the moment? More information about this can be found at the official site

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