IQ Test Spam Hitting Twitter Hard

A new wave of direct messaging spam has began hitting recently. You might see some direct messages from your friends asking you to take a IQ test. First of all, DO NOT CLICK on those links.


Secondly, try and alert your friends who sent you the direct message about the problem. Most likely, they will be unaware about sending out those DMs, since they are sent out automatically.

If you are someone who has been affected by this sleazy scam, here is what you should do.

  1. Change your twitter password immediately.
  2. Do not provide access to Twitter Applications you do not trust.
  3. If you do, revoke access to unwanted Twitter applications periodically. Don’t know how? Read our tutorial on How To Revoke Access to Twitter applications.

Twitter Direct Message Scams usually happen in the unknown, as many users blindly click on links and then provide access to their Twitter account, to try out something their friends have asked them to check out.

As far as possible avoid clicking links that are sent to you through direct messages. We know that you would be enticed to click on them, but do restrain from it for your own safety.

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