How To Insert Symbols In Your Tweets

You might have come across Twitters using cool unicode symbols in their messages. Something like this:

If you have ever wanted to do that, you will love a little resource called Unicode Symbol Map. Since Twitter is compatible with Unicode symbols, you can simply copy them from anywhere and paste them to your Twitter. Unicode Symbol Map allows you to copy several of these symbols by just doing a regular Ctrl+C and pasting them into your tweet.

You can browse through the most wanted symbols or see a list of mathematical, international, mix or arrow symbols. Now expressing yourself on Twitter would be even easier with symbols to represent. Another fun fact is that you can also search for these symbols on Twitter. Simply copy the symbol from the Unicode Symbol Map and paste it in the Twitter search to see tweets containing that symbol.

8 thoughts on “How To Insert Symbols In Your Tweets”

  1. is designed to make this even simpler for Twitterers.

    Also, not all symbols appear on all Twitter clients, so TweetSmarter has an auto-highlight feature that lets you know if you are using symbols that not everyone can see.

  2. When I click on the link in your article for Unicode Symbol Map, almost none of the symbols from your image are there. It’s just a bunch of “@” symbols

  3. Nice , always wanted to add more symbols to my tweets, but not geeky enough or plain lazy to find out for myself. thanks for making it easy for me ;)

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