Import Facebook Friends To Twitter

You may have different friends on who you may have not be following on , if you are looking for a way to add you Facebook friends to Twitter, a service called FB 140 will come in pretty handy.

The service provides users with a 3 step process to import your Facebook friends to Twitter.


Step 1 involves signing in with Facebook connect and giving the application access to your account.

Step 2 involves signing in to your your Twitter account and giving the application access to your account.

After you have completed the above steps you will be show a list of users you can follow, clicking on the Follow these people button will automatically follow them.

Definitely useful if you have been using twitter a lot and want to view instant updates from your friends.

FB 140 [via Blogging Tips]

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  1. Hey this is a great piece of information. Tools like that can always help, especially if you have a blog which you would like to make known to the public. Thanks for letting us know.

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