Identify A Song Using Twitter

Got words of a song stuck in your head but can’t seem to remember what song it is? Ofcourse, you can Google it and try to find the song but how about finding it through Twitter?

LyricRat is a cool web application that helps you in identifying songs. Just send a tweet to @LyricRat with whatever words you can remember from a song. LyricRat will look up the song for you and reply you with the name of the song, name of the artist as well as a link to the song on Amazon MP3. You can listen to a clip of the song or buy it in MP3.

I can’t say that the service is 100% accurate, but I think they do a pretty good job based on the words you provide them with. Alternately, you can also head over to and search for a song there using whatever words you remember from a song.

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