Hunch Review and Invites

Hunch is one of the latest social networking service, which is rapidly gaining good publicity and reviews from users.


Hunch is a decision-making tool, built by its users. In ten questions or fewer, Hunch gives you its best hunch of what you would like. Because Hunch is powered by user input, it gets smarter each time someone contributes to it.

Hunch is user driven in the sense that you do get a decision based on the answers you provide, however if you disagree with the reasoning given by Hunch, you can correct it by submitting a crucial question that should have been included in the questionnaire, or even by submitting a good result missed by hunch.


Hunch collects the new information you provide and organizes it so that it becomes smarter for the next user.


Hunch allows users to create new topics, however you will have to have played at least 3 topics before you can create your own.

Hunch is definitely one of the best innovations we have seen in the social networking circle, and could turn out into a real good crowd puller, sadly hunch is invite only so users will not be able to signup directly with them, unless you join the waiting list.

However we have some Hunch invites that we can give away to users, if you want a invite, comment on this article and we will send you a Hunch invite.


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  • please send me an invite at “titan DOT pradyot AT gmail DOT com”


    • Keith Dsouza

      @pradyot, @K, @Juliano, @Jan Have sent out the invites to you for Hunch, give it a try and have fun.

  • K

    Would appreciate an invite. Cheers.

  • Juliano Brandão

    Interested in new stuff like Hunch ty

  • Jan Birger

    Nice. I’ve been looking for an invite. Please send me one!

  • kathi

    I’m looking for an invite if you still have one:)

    aussie2010 @ hotmail . com

  • Jan Birger

    It seems that Hunch is opening up. I received two invites from Hunch this week. Please tell if you don’t get, then I can send one to you.

    janbirger -> gmail

  • Hey
    I Would like to receive an invite, I think this could be one of my favorite sites !

    spasma AT gmail -DOT- com

  • basskeyz

    Am I too late for the party ?, could you send me a hunch invite code as well ?

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    I would love to get a Hunch invite as well please.

    Thank you.

    cancedda AT me-dot-com

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    I would like an invite!

  • thanks to @marshallk for the hunch heads up. An expedient invite would be so awesome to my homeless and considerably outkasted state in a new state. (such whining must be rewarded)