Hunch To Open Up To Public On June 15th

Quite sometime back we had written about Hunch a decision-making tool which will give you the best solution to the questions you based on the answers you provide to for less than 10 questions.

Hunch is a user driven community making the answers you get that much more reliable, the service has been in invite only private beta mode for quite some time now.

However they are finally going to open up Hunch for public usage starting June 15th, if you have been waiting for a invite, you could spend a few more days idling, since everyone would be invited to join Hunch on June 15th, however we still have some 15 invites with us, if you are interested to get started with Hunch before it goes public, leave a comment on this page and we will gladly send you a invite.

Have you used Hunch in private beta? What are your thoughts and views about the service? Do let us know.


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