How Twitter Was Born?

is a phenomenon that no one expected it to be today, but it still is, and with the support of celebrities like Aston Kutcher (@aplusk) and Oprah (@oprah) it has turned out to be even more popular in the past week.

I really won’t be surprised if Twitter surpasses in terms of popularity and users, that aside, everybody just talks about Twitter Apps and Tools, how to use it and where to use it et al, but do you really know how twitter was born?

Here are some facts about how twitter was born:

  • Twitter was created on March 21st, 2006 and it was not known as twitter back then, the original codename for the project was twttr.
  • Twitter was not even a full time project, it was just a sidekick that turned out be something bigger that what the developers expected it to be.
  • Initially twitter was only limited to the employees of Odeo Inc and their immediate family members.
  • Twitter was initially planned to allow users to update their status using text messages, but eventually wound up having web and third party app support.

These are just some of the facts on how Twitter was born, there are several things which actually make the growth of this product phenomenal, you can read the post How Twitter was born, to get more in-depth idea on it.

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