How to Get Access to the New Facebook News Feed Early

Facebook has just announced a new design for its News Feed. The new layout for the News Feed is designed to bring down clutter and focus more on stories shared by friends and family members. However, the other reason to bring in the new change is ads.

Nevertheless, we have to say that the new News Feed is indeed beautiful and better than the current one. Facebook has stated that the new design will start rolling out to users starting today. If you want to get access to the new design even before your friends do, or want to give it a try and provide feedback to Facebook, you can visit this link – and add yourself to the waiting list.

The new design updates will be available on your iPhone and iPad in the coming weeks and to Android soon after.

We already know that Facebook’s News Feed is all about real-time flow of pictures, status updates and links from the people and Pages a user has friended or followed. Functionally and fundamentally the News Feed has been the same since its inception in 2006. However, the big question is that what is new in the just launched newly designed News Feed?

Fcebook News Feed new design

According to Facebook, rather than bombarding the user’s news feed with a mixture of updates, pictures, videos, links and more, the new design is said to filter each of these items into separate streams, or different News Feeds.

In other words, photos will be segregated and showed on a different feed, music related updates on a different feed, and so on. One example suggested by TechCrunch would be the ability to view just the Instagram photos that have been liked and shared by your friends.

The new News Feed features three major components:

  • Bigger Images
  • Multiple Feeds
  • Mobile Consistency

Have you already got access to the new Facebook News Feed? Do share your experience with our readers using the comment section below.

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