How to Enlarge Facebook Photos in Firefox and Google Chrome For Quick Viewing

There is one problem with viewing Facebook photos or albums – you have to repeatedly click on the profile or album links, open the album and click the photos one by one to view the full sized image.

Consider a scenario – one of your friend shared a bunch of pictures and you spot the update in your Facebook lifestream. You click the album link and go to the album page to view the photos. So far so good, but now you have to click an image to view it, hit the back button, click another image and so on.

Let’s face it – this is certainly not a productive way to view Facebook photos. And when you have lots of images in an album and you want to view only selected images, you need a better technique.

What if we can use a browser extension and load the full size of an image with just a mouse hover?

Enter Facebook Photozoom – a very useful browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome which lets you quickly view Facebook photos by a simple mouse hover. Works simple – just hover the mouse cursor on any image and the full sized version of the image loads instantly.

This is very useful when you are browsing albums containing a large number of photos. You can use the extension to view only selected images and skip those you don’t want to see.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension is very handy but there is just a little issue – you can’t save an image while hovering it. You will have to load the image separately and use “save as” from the right click context menu to save the image.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

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