Disable Facebook Places Tagging And Stop Friends From Checking You In

recently revealed a new feature called Facebook Places which allowed you to check-in to places you visit, but trust Facebook to make a Privacy mess out of everything, irony huh?  The Facebook Places feature is already annoying users because Facebook allows your friends to check you into places by default.

This is definitely a huge privacy issue for people who do not want to get themselves checked in maybe a bar or uhm a strip club by their friends. Thankfully, Facebook does provide users with an option to disable people from checking you into places.

To do that, head over to Facebook and from the "Account" dropdown in the top right corner, click on Privacy Settings and then click on the "Customize Settings" link. Now follow the instructions below to disable the Facebook places tagging from appearing in your timeline or stopping your friends from checking you into places.

Disable Facebook Places Check-ins from Appearing in Your Timeline

Disable Facebook Places Check-in From Timeline

To do this, select the drop down next to "Places I check in to" and click on the "Customize" option. Select "Only Me" in the "Make this visible to" drop down list, this will ensure that your check-ins are not visible to anyone else.

You might also want to uncheck the checkbox next to "Include me in "People Here Now" after I check in" so that you are not clubbed along with other people for check-ins.

Disable Friends from Checking You into Facebook Places


Facebook Places allows friends to check you into places by default, now this could be very annoying since you have no control over it unless you explicitly change your privacy settings.

To disable friends from checking you into Facebook Places, Disable the option from under "Things others share => Friends can check me into to Places". This will ensure that no one except for you can check you in to Facebook Places.

There you go, you can now have your peace of mind back knowing that no one is going to check you into a place you did not want to Smile.

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  • Hi Keith,
    thank you for that information about checking out. We are relatively new to the internet. However even to us, it would appear facebook doesn’t always have a sequential systematic approach.
    Allan and Dawn

  • Really helpful, i was fed up being tagged. Thnx techie-buzz

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  • this no longer works with timeline and the new privacy settings now they check u in places u have not even been in and post it and there is no way to get rid of that annoying map thing

  • I’ve just spend the best part of an hour trying to turn places off in the new timeline and failed. All it seems you can do is remove (one by one) all location posts you’ve been tagged in from your timeline (doesn’t remove the tag, just the annoying map). I suppose all you can do now is ask your friends nicely not to tag you in places or go through this removal process every week. Nice one facebook.

  • Roach

    Can anyone tell how to disable the friends checking you into places on the facebook timeline? I saw others who cannot figure it out but is there anyone who has?

  • it appears the above directions no longer work, or am I missing something?