Guy Escapes From Prison – Taunts Cops through Facebook Status Updates

If you thought Prison Break was over the top, wait till you read this. Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch was serving a seven year sentence for aggravated burglary in Hollesley Bay Prison, Suffolk. He managed to escape from the open prison on 23rd September and has been on the run since. However, this is where the story gets surreal. Instead of hiding, Craig has been regularly posting status updates and photographs on Facebook.


Craig has close to 1300 friends and more than 11,000 fans on Facebook. Recently, he even celebrated his first Christmas on the run.


YES YES i f****n made it to Xmas i beat their f***n system and i love it. I love you all my family my friends my lovers and all my supporters and fans i love the whole lot of you x x your the best merry xmas merry xmas merry xmas ho ho ho.

Through his antics Craig has managed to build a fan following, attract media attention and embarrass the establishment. It will be interesting to see how long he manages to stay on the outside. Being the attention freak he is, I get a feeling that he will soon get too adventurous and end up getting caught.

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