Group Video Chat on Facebook with Social Hangouts

A few weeks ago, Facebook introduced new features to their site that included group chat and video chat. The video calling feature was launched in conjunction with Skype, and is accessible through Facebook Chat. It allows Facebook users to have 1-on-1 video chat with friends and family members, unlike Google+ Hangouts that allows its users to group (video) chat with over 10 users at once.

Learn how to  Start Using  Facebook  Video  Calling Right Now

Facebook’s video calling feature does not support group call and is not available on smartphones. Hence, developers on Facebook came up with an app called Social Hangouts that allows you to video chat with 20 users at a time. That’s 10 more than Google+’s Hangout feature. It was reported that the app was launched a few days back to provide Facebook users a chance to group (video) chat with their friends, relatives and loved ones. This is great news to people who are still waiting for a  Google+ invite, since they  can now experience (group) video chatting on Facebook itself.

Group Video Chat on Facebook Social Hangouts

(Social Hangouts), a multi-user video chat application on Facebook, is now ready to take on the millions of Facebook users in a click of a button. Social Hangouts is a simple, easy to use application; you access the app without ever leaving Facebook, invite up to 20 of your contacts from your friends list and you could all be having a live video chat in no time! This might prove to be in Facebook’s favor, who to-date has managed to stay on top due to application and developers such as these and add to its arsenal against Google+.

Although Facebook’s (incomplete) video calling feature failed to create an impact, Social Hangout is certainly creating a buzz and gaining popularity. We had also seen TinyChat, another Facebook application that allows you to chat with 12 users at once. This application also lets you see a map of where your friends in chat are located.

Social Hangouts was developed in competition with Google+ Hangouts. To use Social Hangouts, all you have to do is to allow this application and send requests to your friends and family members to join Social Hangouts. Once the application is installed on your Facebook account and your freinds have accepted the invite, you can choose up to 20 friends from your friends list and invite them for over for a video chat.  Easy, isn’t it?

Go ahead and test the service here. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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