Google+ Open For Everyone With a Google Account

For the past week or so you might have heard a lot about , it was launched on 28th June and opened for invites shortly thereafter.  However, for over a week, Google stopped accepting new users and also denied existing users from inviting new ones.

Google Plus Open For Everyone

If you have been mystified with Google’s new take at social networking, here is some Google news. Google+ is now officially open to anyone with a Google account. All you have to do is to go to and Sign in with your account and you will be in. Existing and new users will also be able to invite anyone they want to join the service. So no need to ask anyone for invites anymore and also can finally get rid of those spammy Google+ invites.

By the way, we have been using Google+ for over a week and you might want to read through our series of articles which will be helpful to you when it comes to using and understanding Google+.

Have fun with Google+.

Update: Looks like there is some glitch, but the signups have definitely opened up and so have the invites. Please sign in in next few hours to get in. This is very much apparent because earlier Google did not allow users to Sign In, also invites are definitely back on.

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  • Bentendo

    Your news article is already out of date, as they have closed the service once again.

  • I just tried to join, but I couldn’t!

  • I think you’re wrong. I tried to sign up with my Google acc and it directed me to the Keep me Posted page. :\

  • ANgel

    I tried! for hours someone sent me the invite but i cant, says the same…

  • I can sign in but I can’t create anything. Basically, I get the same page as anyone not signed in.

  • rakesh

    nope.I can’t do it.
    Wrong info mate

  • Same problem as everyone else

    • V S Miran

      Uhm, no it isn’t. Epic fail.

  • phromsak saengpo

    I ‘ll try again

  • omo

    not working

  • Trent

    I am a Google+ user, and I’ve read somewhere in my account that people I add to a circle (you can add people’s emails) who don’t have an account can see my posts, but they can’t create content. It’s still invite only.

    • ajay

      please invite me

  • stephanie

    So i got and invite and it wont let me join! What’s wrong :S?

  • Craigyas

    Yeah, this is untrue, it is currently closed to those without an invite, but I got one and am in, I also invite 269 of my closest friends :P

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  • ravi


  • Keith, I received the same message from Google: “We’re still ironing out a few kinks in Google+, so it’s not quite ready for everyone…”.

    I must wait! :|

    Thanks anyway for your help!

  • nadrik

    I’m always in favor of showing those that think they run the show that there are plenty of alternatives for us to turn to, but before everyone rushes to join Google+, I would like to provide an interesting piece of perspective for you all to bear in mind.

  • It’s really annoying that all my friends have already signed up & are having no problems with Google Plus.. BUT it wont let me sign up??! I’ve been pumped about this project for weeks & it wont work? When will it be up & running? When will i be able to finally join my friends hangouts?

  • Phil

    Havent been able to sign for Google+ yet.

  • mukesh

    its awsume

  • Basir Fassihi

    Help me to create a Google plus

  • Mark

    This article is inaccurate. I am not able to access Google+ through any of my google accounts. It may be useful if you amend this article to avoid people wasting time wondering why they cannot successfully follow the instructions.
    thank you.


    i am very interested i like all…………….

    • Michael

      I can invite you, if you want.. Just put in your e-mail here and then i will invite you :)

      • Rui

        Hello that would be great

      • maha sandhu

        please invite me dear

      • chetan

        please invite me
        [email protected]

      • Wali

        hey Hello dear can you Invite me here is my google Acc…[email protected] Thank you so much for helping :)

      • Obinna

        Please can you invite me?

      • ryan terry

        [email protected]. I ask you to PLEASE invite me ! I have tried several other ways to obtain an invite and have been unsuccessful ! thank you !

  • Hi friends i am pranav .

  • abhi

    hw 2 sign up?

  • Your last update is wrong, you still need to be invited (and this has been the case for the last week). Signing into your gmail account only produces a page that says invitation only and google is out of invitations.

    (suggestion) add a date next to your “Update” so we can see a timeline.