Bring Facebook Like Looks to Google Plus and Bring Google Plus Features on Facebook

Google Plus is undeniably the hottest social network this week. It has registered an overwhelming response from people all over the world. Facebook might be the most populous social network currently but I see no reason why it would not lose that title soon. We have done a complete coverage of Google Plus. Invites are not working at present, but you can always make use of these Google Plus tips to enhance your experience.

The battle for the social space is clearly between Google and Facebook now, and this ensures that both these companies will continue to improve their products briskly. However, the process of switching social networks can be an annoyance when some friends do not migrate over to the other network. Here is a little something you can do about it until they do migrate eventually.

Use Google Plus like Circles on Facebook

If you have some stubborn friends who just won’t move over to Google Plus from Facebook, and some other unfortunate ones who did not get a chance when invites were open, you have an option. There is a way you can use Google Circles in Facebook (courtesy of a few Facebook engineers). Head over to Circlehack and connect with your Facebook account. Once there, you can create circles (very similar to) the way you do on Google Plus. These circles are actually lists in Facebook and the exact procedure is outlined here. Creating circles is the only fascinating thing about this hack. It does not convert into an enriched Facebook experience in any way though.

What you should watch out for is the big feature Facebook will announce next week.


Use the Facebook theme on Google Plus

I am not sure why someone would want to do this but just for the heads up, yeah it can be done and here is how you can do it.

The first step is to install stylish for you browser. Next, go to this page for the Google+ Facebook uesrstyle. Reload your Google Plus page  and you will see a Google Plus with the blue looks of Facebook.


From most of the feedback and user reactions, I can say Google Plus has what it takes for domination in the social networking space. It will definitely get better with slight more polishing. What is left to be seen is whether users migrating over from other competing social networks find it usable enough or it falls flat on its face like Google Wave.

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    Unfortunately, I did exactly what it said and instead of blue it’s a BLACK bar on top but it does mimic the layout of my Facebook page.