Google+ Events: Before, During and After the Party

At the end of Google I/O Keynote – Day 1, Google came up with some interesting stats about Google+, and also announced the tablet version for the social networking site. However, that was not the end of it.

Google went on further and announced a new feature called “Google+ Events”, which offers an effortless way to plan events with your friends, relatives, family members, and also the people who are not on Google+.

Google has taken the way of organizing events to the next new level. Most of the time we just send out invitations and get RSVPs, but the new “Google+ Events” focuses more on the needs and details that come before, during, and after an event.

Before the Event: Send Invites, and Stay in Sync with Calendar Integration

Prior to an event, you need to design your invitation before sending it out to your friends and family members. Google+ Events works pretty much in a similar way. Google+ helps you design your invites using an image from a selection of “cinemagraphs”, with subtle animations. Google+ Events also provides the ability to attach a personalized video greeting from YouTube.

You can add your friends who are already on Google+, along with those who are not on Google+ by simply entering their email id. The event details will be revealed to the recipients as they unfold the invite, and upon RSVP, the event is automatically synced to their Google Calendars.

During the Event: Share Real-time Photos in “Party Mode”

Google+ Events is all about what you do before, during, and after an event. At Google I/O, Vic Gundotra showed off the invitation system, and mainly highlighted the “Party Mode” feature. With the new “Party Mode” feature enabled on your mobile device, all photos clicked by the attendees will be added to the event landing page.

What’s the fun part? Well, it all happens in real time, and the streaming feed can be viewed as a slideshow.

After the Event: Everything Gets Automatically Arranged

Once you get back home after the party, you don’t have sit and decide what photos you have to upload, because Google+ “Party Mode” has already done that for you. Additionally, you don’t have to take the pains of arranging the photos in order, because Google+ does the arrangements automatically by placing them in chronological order once the party is over.

Just visit your event page after it’s over, and you’ll see everyone’s pictures and comments in chronological order. You can also browse by popularity, photographer or photo tag with a few clicks. It’s easy, immersive and awesome.

It’s exactly one year since Google+ was launched, and Google is proud that it has come this long with over 250 million users in total. With all new features like Google+ Events, the social networking site has gone way ahead in terms of innovation. Google+ has grown to a greater extent in the last one year, and by the end of next year, we should see some tough competition between Google+ and Facebook.

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