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There are many times when I have tweeted on as Does anyone know how I can do this thing, I usually got a answer from my followers, telling me about tools that can help solve my problems.


However the question was only relayed to my followers, and the answers limited to them. A service called Ask on Twitter aims to change that, by relaying the question to anyone who visits their website, and turning a question with limited reach to something which anyone can answer.


How Does Ask on Twitter Work?

Ask on Twitter basically relies on the twitter search engine to find tweets which contain the keywords does anyone know, if a tweet with these keywords is found, the question is then displayed on the AskOnTwitter website, allowing practically anyone with a twitter account to reply to the question.

Once a person comes across a question they can answer, users can click on the Answer image to reply to the user’s question. You can even follow Ask on Twitter to get questions relayed to you.

What we like about Ask on Twitter?

Ask on Twitter is definitely a intelligently created service, that could help millions of twitter users answer simple questions, to which their followers do not have answers, however the answers will totally depend on how users make use of the service.

What we Did not Like about Ask on Twitter?

With all the good things come bad things, Ask on Twitter is a simple service, clicking on the Answer button takes you to another landing page, from where you have to click on another link to answer the question.

Though we agree that everyone has to make money from their services, a potential answerer for a question may not answer the question if they have to keep clicking on multiple links to answer the question, turning a potentially useful service into nothing.

Final Words About Ask on Twitter

We definitely loved the idea behind Ask on Twitter, a few site changes would definitely do more good than harm, and we hope that the service owner takes heed from what we do not like and appeals to more users.

What are you thoughts about this service, do let us know through your comments.

Ask on Twitter

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