Get Weather Updates In Twitter With AccuWeather

Twitter has become a very useful tool for many people and has had much less problems for quite sometime now. AccuWeather one of the best sites to get weather updates has rolled out a new service, where users can view weather updates by following a twitter bot.

The updates are sent out twice a day at 7AM and 4PM, so you read your daily forecast from right within twitter.


To get live weather update in your area, head to the AccuWeather twitter page and select the US state you are in. The service is also available for International users and can be used to get weather updates for , , , , , , , , and .

India does not feature in the International list, but with the amount of Indian users on twitter, it should definitely be added to the list soon.

To get regular updates, you will have to follow the AccuWeather bot for your respective state or International country. This service is also available for Tumblr.

AccuWeather Twitter [via tweet]

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