Get Free Facebook Shoes – Facebook Scam

Recently, there’s a new and unique scam that has been spreading across Facebook. The scam message titled – Get Your Free Facebook Shoes, Register Now with a link to a Google Blog. On clicking the link, you will be taken to the Blogspot page which has a fake Facebook page design. The user is asked to go through a number of steps before he/she can claim their “Facebook Shoes”.

Free Facebook Shoes Facebook Scam

From the Blogspot page, we can see that most “likes” were done by Indian users. This indicates that Indians folks are more attracted to such offers and fall for such tricks very easily.

Free Facebook Shoes Facebook Scam

Why it’s a scam?

First of all, it uses a fake Facebook page design. External pages that use Facebook’s design are always fake.

Secondly, with steps that ask you to “like”, click on ads and “share” – clearly indicates that the scammer wants to spread the message across and make some money out those ads.

Although I knew it was a scam message, I wanted to know where it leads the user after completing the sixth step (Step 6). Without “liking”, clicking on any ads and leaving the entire form blank, I just clicked on the “Submit” button. To my surprise it showed me a alert message stating “Sorry! Step 3 is not completed“. I was wondering, without even having completed the first two steps, why it just jumped to the third step. I checked the source code of the web page and found this!

Free Facebook Shoes Facebook Scam

Even after you “like”, click on ads, “share”, fill out the form completely, you will end up getting the same message no matter what you do. As you can see from the above code, the “Submit” button is hard coded to show the alert message always. So, even if you honestly complete all the steps or retry the steps again, you will end up getting the same alert message.

Unlike conventional scams, this does not click-jack and like-jack your Facebook account, but you will be tempted to do it by yourself. It is recommend that you DO NOT click on the link or share it across your news feed. There is no “Facebook Shoes” as such. You may report this scam to Facebook Security or mark it as spam.

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P.S. Thanks to  Jatin Sapra  for reporting the scam.

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