Get Free 2000 Facebook Credits totally FREE Facebook Scam

It’s a lovely Sunday out here in the real world, but the online world is full of shenanigans. While drooling over what my friends are doing on Facebook, I came across something which I love to do, that something is nothing but my love for advising people about technology.

Earlier today, the self proclaimed hackers LulzSec decided to hang their boots (Read: Editorial: LulzSec, AntiSec and Why the Internet is a Sadder Place Now). However, scammers are still far off from doing that.

A new Facebook Scam is underway where an app is promising that you can get 2000 Facebook Credits for free (remember the Free Cityville coins Scam?). Facebook Credits are virtual currency on Facebook which can be used to buy virtual goods on Facebook for games like Farmville and more. These credits are not free and can be acquired by paying for them.

Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits can be purchased by visiting your Account tab and then selecting the Payments tab. You can buy 50 credits for $5 and so on. Now a new scam is doing the rounds of Facebook where the app says that they will give you 2000 Facebook Credits for free. If you were to purchase 2000 credits on Facebook, you would have to pay $200. Now the offer from the scammer is definitely pretty enticing considering that you would be saving $200 upfront.

Pretty neat right? Well no, the offer is a big scam. After all, giving $200 to each of Facebook’s 700 million users would cost a whooping $14 billion. The people claim that they would do it only for the first 1000 visitors, but what the heck, I want my pie. and I know more than 1000 users want it too.

Now who in their sane mind would want to spill out that kind of money for free? A lunatic right? Well you are wrong, it is a Facebook scammer.

Facebook Credits Scam

If you do fall for the scam and click on the link, you might see a page similar to the screenshot above. The website in question is not hosted on Facebook itself, but it disguises itself to look like that. The website asks you to perform few steps in order to get 2000 free credits. One of the task involves sharing the page in question with a message like;

Get your FREE 2000 FACEBOOK CREDITS! NO SCAM NO surveys NO  waste of time no task its totally FREE this promo is available for the  first 1000 persons only… CHECK IT OUT ENJOY..i got mine and it works  get yours here [site redacted]

Additionally, you will have to like the site. While you are performing the above steps, the site pretends to be checking the status of your actions. Well, it will keep doing that no matter what you do. Finally, after you have shared the scam with your friends (and probably managed to entice them too) you can click on the button to claim your "FREE 2000 Facebook Credits".

Facebook Credits Scam Content Locked

When you click that button shouldn’t you be getting your so called FREE 2000 Facebook Credits? Well, you should, but you are redirected to a site which will tell you that the content is locked and "you are just one step away from unlocking the content of the site by performing another action". Wait, didn’t you already do that? Well, there you go. Now you have to either customize your Facebook profile or figure out "How Smart Are You Really?" Wait, isn’t this question ironic?

Once you perform the steps to cross the final hurdle, all you are left is with NOTHING. The spammer on the other hand just managed to make a few bucks by fooling you into taking a survey or performing a task? Phew, all in a day’s work.

As I have repeated numerous times in the past, please do not get fooled by these freebies. They will waste your time and make money for those spammers who will then continue to devise new tactics to continue fooling you.

As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out our article about Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams. We also have a list of actively spreading scams on Facebook for you to look through and avoid.

110 thoughts on “Get Free 2000 Facebook Credits totally FREE Facebook Scam”

  1. This is the problem when something becomes big. It becomes a target for scams and viruses. Example A- Microsoft Windows and now example B- Facebook.


  2. There was only one of these that I ever looked promising, and I did get a good number of credits. I would never do It again. 99.99% of them are scams. This above mentioned one is a real threat, you are putting your stuff at risk.

  3. Nice i always wondered and NEVER did these things cause i though the links would gave you spyware or virus ( i’ve studied in some IT classes so i know the ways that ppl can hack you but idk how to hack ) but i never thought that it’d be so ironic and ridiculous, they are so vile and how could facebook let these ppl go ( but i’m pretty sure these stupid pages are hosted by FB )

  4. fyi on facebook under games that have fb credits n where it shows all your games up in the corner if u click to buy it will also have an option to earn free credits and this does work ive done it and gotten quite alot of credits its ashame ppl try to scam when u can actually get credits ive gotten from 4 to 10 dependin on the job

    1. All that I know is just false … why do people lie all this is only if you assign the virus and spyware … you’re all that big rogue is such a show of fake programs

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  6. Is that for real?LOL darnit! i thought i was getting some free credits…i was trying to do all those steps they were telling to but it was taking too long sooo i just deleted it…lmao so ur saying theres no such thing as freee 2000 credits!!lol

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