Find Out When Your Twitter Friends Sleep

sleepymoon For those of you who are Twitter fanatics, or simply curious, you can find out roughly when anyone using Twitter is usually asleep. I was surprised to see this site and the idea sort of wakes you up after a few minutes.


As you can see from the banner at the site, the author (@labnol) is obviously short on sleep, since he misspelled they. However, he must have had some pretty darn good coffee, because his web app really seems to work. I was curious to find out when one of my twitter friends is typically snoozing. Here’s what I found.


Based on my experiences with Keith, I’d say that’s pretty accurate. However, this may not work for every Tweep you follow. If a person doesn’t tweet very often, the accuracy simply won’t be there.

Some people may be more curious about the bed times of famous people, such as Hollywood and Bollywood stars. Here’s a link from the site to show you some: Bollywood

Does that idea excite me? Sorry, I can’t keep from yawning, and no, I couldn’t care less. Don’t let my lack of enthusiasm stop you from searching for your favorite sleepy-heads.

Go to to find out now.

Good night everyone!

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  • I tried this out and it was dead on accurate… tweeted about it and my friends agreed! Great algorithm here by the MIT grad.

  • Pallab De (@indyan) is more likely to sleep between 2am and 8am (or 6 hours).

    Considering that I generally sleep from 1:30 to 8:00 I would have to say that the site is pretty darn accurate.

  • I was also confused with that ‘the sleep?’ Anyways, he has fixed it just now :)

    • Hi Mayur – thanks for the comment. I'm not surprised he fixed it. Someone probably tweeted him right after reading my post. LOL

  • I checked mine and got pretty accurate result.!!

  • Awesome app.

    I am scared of seeing Keith's sleeping trend.

  • If we continue like that, soon I will find out when my friends go out, where they go, what they eat…wait, but I already know about this! Truth is that we have to spend less time on Twitter! :)

    • That’s the truth Frank. Is it going to happen? Probably not.