Find Out If Someone Is Following You On Twitter

Oh the weirdness of . You need external services to find if people have unfollowed you, use services to find when someone favorites your tweets, send multiple DMs and what not. Likewise, Twitter also misses another basic functionality, that is to know whether or not someone you are following is following you back.

Agreed that there is the follower and following list, but if you have 1000s of followers, it is really hard to sift through the entire list to just figure this out for one person.

Does Someone Follow You on Twitter?

However, like always there are several Twitter apps and services built around Twitter, to solve problem Twitter provides users with. So if you are looking to find out if someone is following you on twitter and don’t want to sift through a huge list, head over to and enter the twitter handles and your question, whether someone follows you or not will be answered in a few seconds.

twitter_follows twitter_not_following

To make use of DoesFollow, just enter the Twitter handles and click on the Check button, that’s it, you will be answered with either a yup or a nope. So the next time you want to figure out if someone is following you or not quickly, head over to

7 thoughts on “Find Out If Someone Is Following You On Twitter”

    1. If you're just checking for yourself, you can sign in to Twitter and visit the profile page of the person you are wondering about. If you see the 'message ' link then, they are following.

      DoesFollow is also useful for checking the follow releationship for any two accounts. Great for curious cats.


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