Twitter’s @earlybird Account Takes Flight

A few days ago we had told you about Twitter’s new @earlybird account which would be used for posting exclusive shopping deals to users, the account has now taken flight and is promoting some exclusive deals to Twitter users.

Twitter @earlybird Deals

A blog post on the official Twitter blog, announced that the @earlybird account was not functional with the first deal being  with Walt Disney Studios. The first deal will give users in US a special deal for "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" feature film by Walt Disney Pictures.

We’re just getting started– we’ve got an amazing lineup of deals to share in the coming days and weeks with people following @earlybird. Several times a week, @earlybird will help consumers discover Twitter-exclusive deals in entertainment, fashion, technology, beauty, travel and more.

Quite a few months ago, there were people who questioned on how Twitter would make revenue. Back then, Twitter did not have any business plans and wouldn’t comment on their revenue model, however, in the past few months Twitter have come up with some really good business deals which might eventually turn the company into a highly profitable one.

In addition to the the @earlybird account, also started promoted trending topics and may allow users to purchase paid followers on Twitter in future too. They also have deals with search engines like Google and Bing worth millions of dollars.

(Official Twitter Blog)

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