Fake Like Button Viral Scam Hits Facebook

Facebook and scams go hand in hand. No matter what you do, you are never safe from one. A new fake Like scam has erupted on Facebook, and though it is not nasty, it shows how scammers can pawn Facebook users and make them like links without their consent.

Facebook OMG Guy St0ned Scam

Take for example this new scam with an enticing link and a video titled "0MG! This GUY must be St0ned to Death for doing this to a GIRL!". Just for the record, there is no video and this link is just a scam which disguises a Facebook like button as a different button. As you can see above, 3 of my friends liked this link. If you visit the site in question, you will see an interface as seen in the image below.


The site uses an interface similar to Facebook and also sports false copyrights. In case you thought that was bad, your entire intention of clicking on that link was to watch the video. However, there is no sign of any video at all. The "Continue" button in this page is actually a "Fake Facebook Like button", which has been manipulated using some styling. Clicking on it will stealthily like the website and take you back to your profile.

Facebook Like Scam

Once again, some scams are easy to fall prey to. Though they are not 100% avoidable, the best you can do is to visit your Facebook profile page after you have clicked on a link if you find it dicey. If you find any unwanted updates or likes, delete them immediately. In my case, my test account showed that I liked the website after I clicked on the button (see screenshot above).

Facebook Scam Likes

For the record about 221, 572 people have felt to the scam while I wrote this post. Don’t be one of them. Also help your friends by liking this website instead Smile.

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  • Dave

    I disagree that such scams are not 100% avoidable.

    If you turn off FB platforms, you wont fall prey to scams. Ofcourse, I tried to watch the video and I got the standard messaage (see below). Assuming that any legit website sharing videos may not really NEED to access my FB info, I didnt proceed. Of course, I might be lame and cynical and miss out on the thousands of truly amazing videos in my lifetime, but I just have to live with it. :-)

    Here is the message when i clicked on the “continue” button:

    You previously turned off platform applications. To use this feature you need to turn platform back on, which will reset your “Info accessible through your friends” settings. Learn about your privacy settings.
    Note that social plugins are loaded from facebook.com and the embedding website cannot access your data through them.

  • Whell, most of these scams today require people’s curiosity and since there will always! be curiosity things like this will work everytime, tricking the user to click, or to follow a link it’s like “oh, come in the dark cave, we have cookies!” and people follow…

  • I got a warning when i tried to click that link on one profile links
    Then i searched google and I reached here

    0MG! This GUY must be St0ned to Death for doing this to a GIRL!

  • Sunny

    i clicked on that link now i am unable to unlike this page can u tell me how to do that bcoz it seems page is being removed

  • Tanveer

    i want to know how to give a fake likes on comment on facebook

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