Fake Facebook Profile? Maybe It’s Your Real Life Facebook Look Alike

Facebook has an official page where you may report abuse a Facebook account which is impersonating your Facebook profile, stealing photos, profile information and other personal assets.

In case your Facebook profile has been impersonated, go to the imposter”s Facebook profile page, scroll down and click the “Report Abuse” link. Then add all the necessary information and the reason of reporting the profile as “spam” and wait for the Facebook authorities to do their job.

But before you go ahead and hit the “Report Abuse” button, be sure that the profile which you are abusing is not your real life Facebook look alike. A Facebook double, literally.

This is what exactly happened with two photographers – Graham Comrie (left) and Graham Cormie, who found their real life doubles on Facebook.

The story goes like this –

1. Graham Comrie feared that someone is impersonating him online when one friend emailed him saying, an unknown person is pretending to be “him” on Facebook.

2. The impersonator was even using his photos and the profile image Comrie had on his own Facebook account.

3. Graham Comrie started investigating the impersonator’s account until he found out that the person was “Real” and actually his Facebook look alike.

4. Comrie contacted his Facebook look alike and to his amazement, found out that both of them shared quite a few common things apart from their names, faces and profession.

Here are the similarities between Graham Comrie and his Facebook look alike Graham Cormie:

  • Both the persons are of the same age.
  • Similar names with exactly similar letters with a slightly different combination on the surname – Comrie and Cormie.
  • Both are photographers by profession.
  • Both the men have red headed wives and both couples are due to celebrate their silver anniversaries next year.
  • Both have two daughters who own Lhasa Apso dogs as pets.

Too many coincidences. Just too many !

Graham Cormie said to The daily record:

It’s all very confusing. I too thought someone was impersonating me.We were both getting emails from the wrong people, asking – “When are you coming in to take my photo?’ or ‘When are we doing this shoot?’, and I’d never heard of them before.

When I saw Graham’s picture, I was completely gobsmacked.We could’ve been separated at birth. I call him my nemesis.

If you ask me, the photos do not appear as exact “Look alikes”. The facial attributes are close but other details are really very surprising. I just hope there ain’t any Facebook double of mine, elsewhere on the planet. :-)

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