Scammers Take Advantage of Facebook Video Calling Service

Few days back, Facebook integrated the new video chat service (officially called as Video Calling), powered by Skype which was made available to all Facebook users within 24 hours of it’s announcement. Many users on Facebook are still not aware of the new service announced by Facebook, since there was no announcement made on the user’s profile unlike how it was made when Facebook announced its new user interface.

With all the hype and attention that the Facebook video chat has got, scammers have already taken advantage of it by creating a fake video chat application. And users who are not aware of the officially announced video calling service, will definitely fall for this trap.

Facebook Video Calling Scam

The new scam application РVideo Calling: Talk to your  friends  face to face, which is a replica of the official Video Calling feature was created in order to enable video chatting with Facebook friends without having to download and install the official application file.

With this, the fake application tricks the user by asking him/her to approve the application and grant permissions to access personal information, to post messages on wall and access posts in News Feed.

Facebook Video Calling Scam

When a user grants permission to the application, it automatically posts a message on the user’s wall and leads to a survey site.

Spammers mainly earn money/commission when they get users to answer such surveys. Sometimes, it may also lead to download of malware programs which may expose your personal details to the scammer without your knowledge.

It is recommended that you do not click on such scam messages and remove/delete any wall posts referencing “Video Call” or “Enable Video Calls” immediately. You can also report such scam messages or fake applications to Facebook Security.

If you are unaware of the Facebook’s new video calling feature and want to set up the official Video Chat with Skype, then check out How to Access Official Facebook Video Calling Service.


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