Login Using Your Vanity Usernames to Facebook

Remember all the hype and hoopla that was made over Facebook’s Vanity URL where they allowed users to create vanity URLs by adding a username to it?

Turns out that has put that to some good use and users can now sign in to Facebook using that username too. The username is the username that forms the part of your profile URL that you have manually setup as.


For example my vanity URL is http://faceboo.com/keithdsouza in this case my new username is keithdsouza.

Though this may not be a big change it can definitely come in useful and handy to people with long email addresses. You will still be able to login using your email address too.

If you are on Facebook don’t forget to become a fan of Techie Buzz :-).

Log In with Your Facebook Username [Official Facebook Blog via Tech Crunch]

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