Facebook Now Giving Users A Vanity URL, It’s Just So Old School

just decided to get everyone’s attention and waste some more time by providing users with a so called vanity URL, however for us that is not really exciting because practically ever social networking site has been doing it for a really long long time now.

Stumble Upon gives users a sub-domain on their website, has been giving users a folder, Linked In has been doing the same for ages, Tumblr has a sub-domain and even allows users to use their own domain name, Posterous does the same as Tumblr, has it, Digg has it, Friendfeed has it, Last.fm has it, TwitPic has it, MySpace has it, Google has it, for that matter even Alltop has has that feature for so long now.

So what’s the big deal about Facebook having it? For us nothing more than another nuisance where people can find you easily using search engines.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Now Giving Users A Vanity URL, It’s Just So Old School”

  1. This will definitely make finding people via google and other search engines easier. It is about time they did this! I will be sure to grab my names on the 13th, before somebody else does! Remember that it is 1st come 1st served, and with a current population exceeding 200 million it will be prudent to get your names covered ASAP.

  2. I’m happy about it just to boost name searches, I’d rather someone find my facebook landing page than some random last.fm or (in my case) my downloadsquad posts (a site I worked for, for only about 2 weeks).

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