Facebook Makes Online TV More Personal With Clicker

To be frank, I hardly watch new seasons of my favorite shows on an actual Television and prefer to use it to watch live sports. However, I don’t miss any of my favorite shows and instead catch them when I can totally concentrate on watching it through on-demand or sites like Hulu, Fancast and TV.com among others.

Facebook Clicker TV Shows Recommendation

In fact there are so many ways to watch TV Shows online for free that I can even catch up on a missed show after a week. That said, discovering new shows is easy but wouldn’t it be good to have your friends recommend you an episode or TV show? Well, you could definitely go around asking them about their favorites, but what if you could discover them?

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has just announced a partnership with Clicker, an Internet television guide to help you discover new shows based on what your friends have liked on Facebook.

If you are logged into Facebook, visiting Clicker.com will automatically display the shows your friends have liked on Facebook as recommendations. It will also display shows which are currently trending among your Facebook friends. The recommendation engine works on Facebook likes for those shows, so every time you like a movie, it will be used as a recommendation for your friends.

Opting Out of Facebook-Clicker Recommendation

Disable Facebook Clicker Recommendations

The data liked by you will only be visible to your friends or a larger number of people based on how you have set your privacy profile in Facebook. If you want to opt-out of the Facebook – Clicker recommendations, you can visit Clicker.com and click on the disable link in the left hand side navigation as shown above.

One should note that unlike other apps or websites, Facebook is sharing information with Clicker.com without a user having to provide explicit permission, this could turn out to be another case of privacy issue for Facebook soon.

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